AWE Cat Back Performance Exhaust for Mk4 Golf and GTI - Dual Outlet

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304 SS Cat-Back Exhaust System with Dual Rear Exit (3015-22020) by AWE Tuning®. Exhaust System Type: Cat-Back. Exhaust Tubing Material: 304 SS. Main Tubing Diameter: 2.25". Exhaust System Sound: Aggressive / Loud. AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust project can be touted as one of the most comprehensive and intensive research and development initiatives in our exhaust collection. Hundreds of hours of research and development, multiple revisions and countless real world and dyno tests have output a system that is equal parts aggressive and sophisticated at any RPM. In other words, the only exhaust set up worthy of the AWE Tuning badge.

Exhaust System Type: Cat-Back
Exhaust Tubing Material: 304 SS
Exit Location: Dual Rear
Main Tubing Diameter: 2.25"
Exhaust System Sound: Aggressive / Loud
Tip Quantity: 2
Tip Finish: Polished Silver
Tip Outlet Diameter: 3.15"


    Crafted from 304 Stainless Steel
    Estimated max power gains of 8HP and 8TQ at the crank
    Featuring the AWE Tuning No CEL Guarantee
    Lifetime Exhaust Warranty
    Engineered, designed and manufactured in house at AWE Tuning


    (1) 9/64" allen wrench (for hanger post clamp)
    (1) front resonator section
    (1) mid muf:er inlet pipe
    (1) mid muf:er outlet pipe
    (1) mid muf:er section
    (1) tailpipe section
    (1) y-pipe
    (2) 2.25" T-Bolt clamp
    (2) 3.15" (80mm) exhaust tip
    (2) hanger post clamp
    (5) 2.5" (63.5mm) Accu-Seal band clamp

AWE Tuning xhausts have earned praise from owners and the press alike, due to their unique "Jekyll and Hyde" personality. We spend considerable time and effort during development to achieve remarkable civility when idling and crusing at part throttle, while also producing a war-cry wail when full throttle is applied. Sophisticated, refined, and powerful, all at once.

For cars with that came equipped from the factory with dual tip rear mufflers only at this time. Some models with hidden factory tips will need to cut the rear valence and install the late model lower bumper trim to use this system.

AWE Tuning engineers spent considerable time examining how to maximize the performance and options of this exhaust system. The AWE Tuning ® exhaust boasts features ensuring unmatched power, fitment, and sound levels. And awesome appearance, too!

Each system is mandrel bent 2.50" T304 stainless steel, and is a full catalytic converter back design, producing gains of 10-15hp crank horsepower. Our straight through resonator and muffler design ensures flow while keeping the noise level down to civilized volume. There is no drone with this system!

The rear muffler is a single 2.5" inlet, dual 2.25" outlet design, with full T304 stainless steel construction including the packing material. Our signature 3.15" beveled exhaust tips sport laser etched AWE Tuning logos and are double walled to ensure a mirror polish even under hard usage. These are the best looking tips on the market.

The prototyping process was a long road: AWE Tuning sound engineers carefully studied the tones of prototype exhaust iterations at various RPMs, ultimately engineering a solution that combats frequencies that are not appropriate for a car of this caliber – retaining and building upon only the perfect notes.

You won’t get a check engine light. We guarantee it. By ensuring that factory O2 sensors stay in locations that keep the Porsche ECU within factory specifications, we ensure that you won’t see the light.

AWE Tuning® is a world's leader in performance engineering for the leaders of luxury. The brand has merged decades of rigorous engineering and peerless craftsmanship behind supersports and race cars to create award-winning, hand-crafted performance exhausts and intake works of art. With an ongoing stream of firsts in comfort and safety, the brand also offers the finest handpicked collections of premium upgrades, including suspension, braking, wheels, and many more. AWE Tuning's mission is to provide you with uncompromising quality, impressive performance and a breath-taking sound that meet outstanding everyday practicality. Fabricated using the state-of-the-art CAD tools and the CNC machine and rigorously tested at every stage of development, AWE Tuning products offer reliability, power, tone and effectiveness that are extremely hard to beat.

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