2006-2007 LBZ Duramax S400/Stock Twin Turbo Kit Gloss White Single Stage Powder Coating WCFab

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S372 Drop In Single Turbo Install Kit, 2017-2019 Duramax L5P, Satin Black

  • Sold As Kit
  • Finish Type Powder Coated
  • Finish Color Satin Black


  • NOTE: CUSTOM TUNING IS REQUIRED. This is a Racing Product meant for Competition and Racing only.
  • Custom S300 SXE Turbocharger
  • 3.5 Inch Turbo Intake Horn with O-Ring Seal
  • Ceramic Coated Billet T4 Adapter with Mounting Hardware
  • Gaskets
  • Stainless Steel Oil Feed and Drain Lines with Fittings
  • 3.5 Inch Down Pipe with Ceramic Coating and Heat Wrap (Mates to exhaust system flange)
  • Coolant Block Off Plate and Plugs
  • V-Band Clamp for Down Pipe
  • Powder Coating (On intake horn only)

Complete Drop in Turbo kit, INCLUDES YOUR CHOICE OF 3 CUSTOM S300 SXE TURBOCHARGER AND EXHAUST HOUSING OPTIONS. Which Turbo Size Option is best for you? The S364.5 SXE is a great choice for trucks looking to replace a failed OEM turbo, or applications with stock injectors and no plans for upgrading them. This Charger spools quickly, similar to OEM VGT characteristics. With proper tuning this turbo will produce a clean, crisp, responsive 600-625HP to the wheels. It can be pushed farther but it is not recommended as you will experience extreme drive pressures. Want more? Plan on installing larger injectors? The S369 SXE option is your ticket. This turbo is a perfect match with Exergy 60 percent over modified injectors. At about the same point that the turbo reaches its potential the truck will also reach the limits of the OEM HP4 Pump and OEM Lift pump; Its a good combination for a clean 700-725HP at the wheels. It can be pushed farther (we've made as much as 800hp to the wheels with this charger) but you will start to creep up on higher drive pressures and heat and you will also need upgraded high pressure pump and lift pump to achieve it without the rail pressure dropping considerably. Little more yet? The S372 SXE is the largest offering in the S300 frame. It out performs the S369 in peak horsepower potential, but since it uses the same turbine wheel as the S369 it will start to creep into the excessive drive pressure and heat ranges if pushed to its maximum potential. This turbo is best used in conjunction with our CP3 Conversion kit and Custom FASS Lift pump combination and will break the 800HP mark at the wheels. If you do not have any intentions in purchasing those two kits (the CP3 Conversion or Lift Pump Upgrade, then the S369 is the better choice for you.