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VaraRam Air Grabber Cold Air Intake Ram Air

Available NOW for All 4th Generation Hemi Trucks 2009+

For the best performance gains possible, you really need a complete overhaul of your intake system for your Dodge Ram Truck--whether Ram 1500, Ram 2500, or Ram 3500, your pickup truck is due for an upgrade. Meet the VaraRam Air Grabber for 4th Generation Hemi trucks from 2009 to current year models. This baby is a truly transformative forced induction system that will unleash the full power of your Hemi.

Bullet Point Breakdown of VaraRam Air Grabber

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the VaraRam Air Grabber:

  • With NO Additional Tuning, gain upwards of 30 Horsepower and 30 Foot pounds of Torque!
  • Then add on the custom tunes with a performance programmer and watch the HP gains skyrocket!
  • Knock half a second of your 0-60 MPH time instantly.
  • Shave .3 - .4 seconds off your quarter mile time as well.
  • Easy DIY install, in the comfort of your garage in under 20 minutes flat.
  • MOPAR look and feel - makes your engine look sick!
  • 3 separate cosmetic lid options: the popular HEMI Orange, paintable smooth black, and textured black as well.
  • Compatible with your OEM truck hood, this baby draws air from the high pressure zone created on the underside of your stock hood.
  • No issues with rainwater, as the included drains and positioning of the Air Grabber keep it protected even in up to 2 feet of water and mud.
  • Green high performance filter, a true full size HEMI air-filter included!
  • Backed by VaraRam’s Limited lifetime warranty, this filter is designed to last.
  • This pre oiled air filter is ready to go right out of the box.
  • This intercooled, custom air filter with heat shield will wake up your engine and then some.
  • And did we mention the fuel economy gains -- up to 2 MPG more efficient!

A True High Performance Air Filter and Air Intake System

The VaraRam Air Grabber is a combination of ram air meets cold air intake system, with an aftermarket HEMI size filter to complete the package. When it comes to unleashing all the hidden and latent horsepower from your engine, the first place you should look is aftermarket air intakes.

And the Air Grabber is at the top end of that category of truck accessories, no doubt. While we often hear talk about super sexy upgrades like tuners and performance programmers or turbochargers and superchargers, the truth is if you want to maximize your truck’s engine performance, you really need to start with the intake. Don’t get me wrong. Turbo’s and tuners are great too. But to get that baseline of how much your engine can really do, you should start by upgrading your air intake system. And as far as air intakes go, the VaraRam Air Grabber is the creme-de-la-creme for Dodge Ram’s whether you’re rocking a 2009 Ram Truck 3500 or a brand spanking new, hot off the assembly line 2019 Ram 1500.

While the performance gains are apparent, and easily laid out above in our breakdown, let’s take a quick detour and talk about the science and engineering that makes your air intake a great place to start making modifications from stock OEM garbage--er… I mean, standard air filters and intakes that often come out of Original Manufacturer factories.

The Science of the Intake System

I’m just like everyone else, truth be told. I look at the numbers, the horsepower gains, and I think about adding on a turbo charger or picking up that new tuner to try to immediately get massive horsepower gains right off the bat from something simple and easy or something I don’t have to install myself.

But if I was playing it cool and being smart about maximizing my performance outputs, I’d start with my intake system and replace everything from the filter on back to the manifolds--hell, even the throttle body if I’m being the completionist I am, truthfully. And the reason to start here is that this is where it all begins. Without air, the entire system that is the combustion engine just cannot operate. So I’d start here.

Let’s briefly talk combustion, shall we? I often use the shop class discussion from highschool, because for me that’s what always comes to mind. But as I’m trying not to be redundant, let’s just say this: your engine runs on oxygen.

That’s no matter what the engine may be--whether your rocking diesel or gasoline, a HEMI or a EcoBoost. Oxygen is where it all starts. Yes, you need fuel, but without that perfect combination of fuel and O2 in each cylinder, your truck ain’t going no where.

Alright, so that’s not exactly true. I could go forward a little bit, or be towed to the junk yard, I guess. Point is, if you want maximum performance, you need to maximize this air to fuel ratio. And in order to do that, the first part of the equation you need to improve upon is the air part. You can use tuners and MAF sensors and the like to get the fuel part right, and on most modern engines, your ECU / PCM will help get the ratio correct. The hard part is that physical step--upping how much Oxygen you can cram into each cylinder. The rest will follow suit. So you have to start here.

Now to do so, you’ve got some great options. You could add on a turbocharger which will use the motion of the exhaust fumes to up the vacuum like conditions of each cylinder and help suck more air in. You could increase the air filter surface area so more air can get in. You can upgrade your air intake pipe size to the proper diameter using mandrel bent piping to reduce any air restriction and friction at the corners. You can add on a cold air intake because the cooler the air is, the more dense it is, so the more you can get into each cylinder in the first place. Finally, you can add on a Ram air forced induction system that uses the momentum of the vehicle to force more air in through the air filter and down into each cylinder.

All of these upgrades will help. But one of them--the turbo--is pretty invasive, and probably not something you want to approach in your home garage unless if your a professional mechanic. So if you’re looking for a DIY upgrade, that one might be harder to pull off. But the rest are actually accomplished pretty easily, especially if you pickup a full air intake kit, like the VaraRam Air Grabber.

Let’s run through all the upgrades above that the Air Grabber already has:

  • Cold Air Intake - Check
  • Ram Air, Forced Induction System - Double Check
  • Maximized Air Filter Surface Area in a true full size HEMI Air-Filter - Check, Check, Check
  • DIY Install that you can do from the comfort of your home garage - Checkity check, Check
  • Maximize air flow with optimal openings and piping - Checkmate, baby!

Suddenly it becomes quite clear how one simple, DIY installation of an Air Grabber kit can upgrade your engine to such a level that you’ll immediately gain upwards of 30 HP and 2 MPG while shaving seconds off all your track times without a custom tune even. Not dissing the tune, because you should definitely go get a tuner next, but to maximize performance, you’ve gotta start here.

At the end of the day, I like to think of my engine like the lungs of your body. If you want to run a marathon, you’ve gotta have good lungs. To get your blood pumping and your muscles moving, you need Oxygen. Your truck needs Oxygen too, and more of it. And once you’ve rammed the most cold air into each of your engine’s cylinders, the engine computer will adjust via on-board sensors to increase the fuel injection at each cylinder to match. Now you’re looking at optimal efficiency here.

The more air, the more oxygen. The more oxygen, the more fuel you can combust per cylinder. The more fuel, the more power! Now you’re ready to hit the track or highway and gun that sucker, cause your new VaraRam Air Grabber has opened her up and made her ready to fly. Or to put it more in VaraRam’s language: “If you’re not VaraRam Equipped, you’re just sucking air!”

Well said, VaraRam. Well said.

So just remember when you’re blowing you buddies away, rocking your Dodge Ram 1500 down some country backroad, cause their new tune isn’t quite up to par compared to your sweet new intake, to tell them to head on over to Midwest Aftermarket so you can share the love of your new VaraRam Air Grabber with the boys. All our engines deserve a little more Oxygen, don’t ya think? Share the O2, ya’ll! And pickup your Air Grabber today.

Recall that one of the first recommendations we make to potential modders and truck owners in general is that you start with the intake. Indeed, you could hardly do better as far as air intakes go than a Ram Air from VaraRam. While we favor and carry a wide variety of cold air intakes, VaraRam ram air intakes push the concept of cold air intakes to the next level by using a scoop to guide cooler air from low to the ground up and into your air intake, through the air filter, and into your engine. Not only does this create an optimal amount of air pressure and force, but the added lower temperature of the air makes it possible to pack the maximum amount of air molecules into each of your cylinders so you can maximize both power and fuel economy. Indeed you would struggle to find better than this for a great upgrade to your air intake system.

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