UnderCover Swing Case Toolbox

Storage that is Easy to Access, Innovative, and Provides Maximum Truck Bed Space

Ever wonder what you could possibly do with that part of your truck bed between your tailgate and your wheel well? Undercover has an inventive and intelligent solution, providing secure storage for tools and other items within the back of your bed that is easily accessible, simple to install, and did we mention it swings out? Yeah, for reals!

Bullet Point Breakdown

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Undercover Swing Case:

  • Lift it off, take it with you; your Swing Case stands upright on its own.
  • Custom to fit for your vehicle and your truck bed.
  • Easy to access, no stretching or reaching. Just swing out and voila! 
  • Holds up to 75 lbs. worth of tools and valuables
  • Lockable to secure and protect your tools; hidden beneath your tonneau
  • Durable high impact ABS can take a hit and keep on storin'!
  • Weather tight, protecting tools from rust and rain.
  • Backed by UnderCover’s 1 Year Warranty
  • Installs in under 10 minutes with no special tools needed
  • American made by Americans, for Americans! Go ‘Murica!
  • Innovative design maximizes truck bed space
  • Designed, custom, with your bed in mind 

Unused Spaces--Utilized. 

A toolbox designed to fit your truck bed: the UnderCover Swing Case (affectionately referred to as the Swing Box by some consumers) is custom just for your vehicle to occupy that unusable space between tailgate and wheel well. This innovative toolbox is held in place, until you pull that little yellow level at the bottom. Then the whole box swings out to hover above your tailgate, providing easy access to your tools when you need it and optimizing truck bed space when you don't. While you may be familiar with more traditional toolboxes for your truck bed that mount up at your bulkhead, the Swing Case has a number of advantages over the more traditional design.

First, did we mention you don't have to hop up into your bed to access this tool box? Ease of access already shows how this innovative design sets UnderCover apart from the pack. You no longer need to climb up onto your tires to reach into your tool box. Just swing the case out, and you can easily get to your tools. A second great feature of these Cases is that they install easily, in 10 minutes or less, and are compatible with all of Undercover's tonneau covers. You no longer have to choose between a truck bed cover or a toolbox. You can have both!

Also, where a traditional toolbox takes up a lot of your truck bed space, the Swing Case uses typically unused space--maximizing your storage and hauling capabilities at the same time. While you may think that a traditional box can hold more, each Swing Case can hold a large amount of tools and gear, and you can have two Swing Boxes--one on each side of your truck bed. 

Swingable & Spacious

The Swing Box has some depth too. Capable of handling up to 75 lbs. of tools, gear, and trays, the Swing Case is a storage solution for anything you want to securely haul to the job site, vacation destination, or "sick day" fishing hole. The tray system allows you to store smaller tools and tackle in an organized fashion or remove the trays to fit larger tools in the bottom area of the box.

While a traditional tool box installed at your bulkhead might technically have more storage volume, I challenge you to consider how much of that space is really accessible and needed. Two Swing Boxes--one installed on the passenger side, the other the driver's side--provide reachable storage for just about any tool you'd want to carry every day. Yes, if you need to haul a blow torch or jack hammer, you'll probably use the rest of your truck bed anyway. Anything you would reasonably want to have locked away in your truck bed can fit into a Swing Box (or two).

Furthermore, as shown in all the images above, the Swing Case is compatible with just about every bed liner you can think of: from the Bed Rug to a spray in. The box floats above the liner, protecting your truck bed and your tools at the same time. If you want to have your gear with you at any time, safe and secure, while still having access to the full length of your truck bed, these Swing Cases are a win-win. This is exactly what you are looking for. 

A Truly Secure Storage Solution

While you may argue, what lockable truck bed toolbox isn't secure? Really think about it for a second. While a metal traditional truck bed toolbox is secure when locked, it is also totally visible. The first thing a thief has to have is intent. And that bulky toolbox extended over the top of your truck bed screams to be noticed.

What if you don't even know the toolbox is there? Since the Swing Case is both lockable and installs beneath an Undercover tonneau cover, this toolbox provides double the protection to your expensive tools. No one can break into a toolbox that isn't visible if they don’t know it is there. A traditional toolbox installed at the bulkhead is practically screaming to passersby that this truck bed has expensive tools in it. The Swing Case is still locked, but hidden beneath, out of sight and out of mind. This works for you too, as you have access to the whole truck bed. You no longer have to sacrifice two to three feet of length from your truck bed to have a tool box.

The install is also super easy. Whereas with a traditional tool box you will likely need a helping hand or four to just lift the damn thing, a Swing Case can be installed by a single person using existing holes. The Swing Case's ABS plastic construction is high impact, weather sealed, and ready for abuse. As if that's not enough, a 1 year warranty keeps your box protected along with your belongings. Did we mention that this innovative product is made right here in America? Also, the case can be removed from mounting system and taken with you, whether your hustling at the job site or strolling down to the lake side.

UnderCover's Swing Case

Bonus Features of the Swing Case

While we here at Midwest Aftermarket don’t necessarily promote the use of alcohol… alright, maybe a brewski from time to time. We did notice after one of our Tailgate Tuesday episodes on YouTube that these Swing Cases are pretty water tight.

I know what you’re thinking. What does the Swing Case being water tight have to do with beer. Just wait. I’ll tell ya.

We like to pull pranks and have fun, so we got some ice and poured it into the boss man’s Swing Cases. Don’t worry. We took all his tools out first. Then we added in a few ice cold American brews. And we hit the road to go do some actual tailgating at a local college.

And guess what? Good ol’ Cass was pretty surprised when once we ran out of beer in our regular coolers, there were still cold brews just chilling out in our Swing Cases.

Furthermore, check this out. While we left one of the Swing Cases in the truck bed for people nearby or those sitting on the edge of the tailgate to have easy access to cold beer, we lifted the second Swing Case off.

That’s right. These babies are easily removable. You can pop them off and back on again with ease. Our only complaint was that the Case was a little bulky and heavy to carry over to our folding chairs, but once we got it into place, it was very nice having our very own mini-cooler nearby.

While you might think that’s a pretty silly and unique use case for these Swing Cases, slow down partner.

Think about how useful this could be say for fishing? I’m mostly thinking about the beer still, but hear me out. You could pack some fish into these Swing Cases along with ice for the long ride home. Or if you’d prefer, pour some lake water in and let the fishy swim until you get home so you can filet that baby and pop her right on the grill, fresh straight from mother earth!

Getting hungry just thinking about it.

My point is, not only do these Swing Cases provide great storage for your tools in an easy accessible and secure location, but they also have added bonus uses that I’m not even sure Undercover may have thought of just yet.

The tailgate scenario is just one of our personal favs. What about you? Tell us how you plan to use or are using your Swing Cases. Hit us up on the socials, snap a pic or two, and show us how great your Undercover Swing Case looks and what innovative way you have used yours.

I think one of the most overlooked aspects of these Swing Cases is their easy removability and the way they swing out over your tailgate. While tailgating is certainly fun, I can’t wait to head to the drive-in movie theatre this coming summer.

I know, I’m old school, and likely living back in the 50’s, right? But around these parts, we still have a few old drive-in theatres. There’s nothing better than catching a flick with the family, chilling outside in the cool summer evening air.

And while we always support our local drive-in by purchasing their delicious popcorn, there’s one thing they don’t often have for sale.


Well, and particular soda pop for the kiddos. What can I say? These kids be picky!

Now at our local theatre it is frowned upon to bring in your own beverages, and sometimes the owners and workers even patrol. They are always super nice about it, and claim they are looking for teenagers necking (now I am showing my age), but occasionally they will give you an odd look if they see you had a cooler underneath your tonneau cover, hidden until you rolled that truck bed cover up and popped up into the bed.

Tis the tradition you see to either have an air mattress or just a pallet up in your truck bed for you and your sweetheart to lounge in. Kids can sit on the tailgate or in their own lawn chairs. Alright, they can sit in the bed too.

Point is: that Swing Case cleverly concealing some cool beer on my driver’s side and that other Swing Case on the passenger side hidding some tasty soda for the kiddos, no one is the wiser there. Bring along a few koozies and your in business bro!

Nothing worse than watching some sappy romantic comedy or animated princess flick without a cold beer in hand, am I right?

So if you see my in the local papers this summer for being kicked out of the drive-in for being intoxicated, well, you’ll already know the other part of the story.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy your Undercover Swing Cases as much as we have ours.

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