Truxedo Sentry

Tonneau Covers are a must have aftermarket accessory for anyone with a truck, but deciding which tonneau cover is best for your ride and your situation can be complicated. Each type has its own advantages. And each truck owner uses his/her truck differently. Depending on what you most often use your truck for, one tonneau might be better for you than another truck bed cover.

What are the advantages of each type of tonneau cover?

The Pros & Cons of each truck bed cover:

  • Soft Roll Up: Pro: Stylish Vinyl, Full Bed Access Con: Least Secure, Poor Durability
  • Hard Folding: Pro: Full Bed Access, More Secure Con: Takes more time to open
  • Retractable: Pro: Easy to Open, Very Secure Con: Canister takes up space
  • Solid Bed Lid: Pro: Most Secure Con: Heavy & No Full Bed Access
  • Hard Roll Up: Pro: Stylish Vinyl, Very Secure, Easy to Open, Full Bed Access Con: ?

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Truxedo 1523201 Truxedo Sentry Tonneau Cover Fits 20-22 Gladiator


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Truxedo 1585801 Truxedo Sentry Tonneau Cover Fits 19-22 1500


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Truxedo Sentry Tonneau Cover


from $829.00

And that’s when I realized that one of the most versatile types of tonneau covers was the Hard Roll-up Cover. It has all the Pros and really none of the Cons. So most customers are going to find what they are looking for in a tonneau cover like Truxedo’s new Sentry & Sentry CT.

Before we go into vivid detail on all the reasons we have been particularly impressed with this new release from Truxedo, we’ll just give you the bullet points.

Truxedo Sentry, in a Nutshell

What are all the features of Truxedo’s new Sentry Tonneau Cover?

  • Industrial Strength Vinyl Fabric
  • Added Durability
  • High Level Security
  • Easy to Open & Close
  • Innovative NEW Quick Release System for True Full Bed Access
  • Xtra Low Profile
  • Easy DIY Install
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made here in the USA

Now if you want to read on and hear each explained in detail, keep on scrolling down. Ready to order your own? Scroll back up, put your make and model in, and click on the Truxedo Sentry image for your vehicle. Glad to help you out. You are welcome.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the dets.

Truck Bed Cover Versatility

Most tonneau covers are good at one thing. Let’s take a truck bed lid, for instance. Typically composed of one solid sheet of metal or polymer, truck bed lids are about as secure as truck bed covers can get. However, if what you want isn’t just security, truck bed lids start to show their weakness immediately.

They are hard to remove and install because they tend to be pretty heavy, at least requiring two people to lift. Truck bed lids do not allow you full bed access, so hauling large items that won’t fit under the lid is pretty much impossible with the cover installed. The list just keeps growing. Now they are still incredibly secure, but what if security isn’t all you need? What if you use your truck in multiple ways?

That’s where the hard roll-up cover comes into play. Many customers love the look of vinyl soft roll-ups, myself included. But when they hear how insecure they tend to be, many look elsewhere. Lots of truck owners love how easy retractable covers are to open and close. But when they learn that the canister the retractable is stowed in can take up a foot or so of truck bed length, they think twice about the lost space.

For years this meant that if you wanted the best compromise in tonneau covers, you really had to turn to tri-fold and quad-fold covers. They offer the security of a hard cover, like a retractable, with the full bed access of a vinyl soft roll-up. But no matter how many ways various companies try to sell it, while hard folding covers are great in multiple ways, they simply aren’t as easy to use as retractables and soft roll-up covers.

And that’s where the hard roll-up came into play to fill the gap.

My problem with vinyl roll-ups has always been security. But the heavy-duty aluminum slats beneath the vinyl top layer on this Sentry fix that issue.

My issue with retractables has been that you lose vital truck bed space. But a roll-up cover doesn’t have those problems cause it doesn’t have a canister. It rides on your truck bed rails and can be secured in place up at the bulkhead, providing what most companies would call “Full” Bed Access.

Tri-folds are just great, but they really aren’t that easy to open and close. You can do it, but over time it becomes kinda a redundant pain in the butt task that often leaves me keeping my cover closed unless I really--and I mean really--need that full bed access. And even then, most tri-fold don’t give you complete bed access. It’s close, but that final panel always takes up just a little bit of space, certainly more than a rolled-up cover.

And I suppose I could say the same about a hard roll-up cover. When you’re just rolling up vinyl, the roll size at the bulkhead when fully rolled up isn’t that big at all. But when you add in aluminum slats underneath that vinyl, that roll grows! So that could be my one complaint or downside or con to the new Sentry truck bed cover.

But then Truxedo responded with an “uh-uh.” Because--guess what--they were prepared for this concern. Sentry comes with a brand new system that is really a game changer:

Sentry’s NEW Quick-Release System

When I first heard the term “quick-release” I though they were talking about the slam latches and locking cables. No they were not. This is something new.

The Quick-Release System, original pioneered on Truxedo’s Pro X15 soft roll-up, has found its way onto the Sentry and Sentry CT. This system allows you to easily remove the tonneau cover completely from your truck bed.

Did you do a double take there? Complete. Removal. True. Full. Bed. Access. Full Stop!

To release the whole cover, simply roll it completely up to the bulkhead. Then at each corner, under the cover, you’ll find a little metal tab and a sliding latch. That metal tab prevents the latch from extending out and unlocking your cover when your driving. But when you want to remove the cover, you simply press the tab up, slide the latch out over it, and now that side is released and just sitting on the rails. Do the same for the other side, and you’ve got a roll-up cover just ready to be lifted off.

Granted, this hard vinyl roll up will be more heavy than say the X15. When we do our install video, we’ll make sure to have Kyle (read Cory) try this out. But in the meantime, I’ll assume this one might be a team lift, but those of you who are more built than me can probably handle this one solo.

You just lift the rolled up cover off the rails, set it aside, and you’ve got complete, 100%, true, full bed access!

We realize that this might be a rare occasional use case, but when you really do need that 100% bed access, Truxedo’s Sentry has you covered. And we like that. Again, this truck bed cover seems like it has everything. What’s the downside?

Velcro on the Side Rails

We like keeping things transparent and honest here at Midwest Aftermarket. And personally, I find the Velcro to be a big turn off. In the past, I’ve written and said terrible things about side rails that use Velcro to secure, and I think my concern is both valid and real. Also, I think it’s pretty obvious, am I right? I mean, do I even have to say it?

If one of the main reasons you are looking at a tonneau cover is to secure your truck bed against potential thieves because you drive around with valuable gear and equipment in your bed, then this might make you think twice.

We personally have tested out older Truxedo tonneau covers that attach using Velcro, and we were disappointed that most guys can pretty easily peel that Velcro back and reach into your truck bed. And I thought, I’ve got them now! I mean, I have to be honest and critical at times when writing these reviews. And the Velcro is a real concern of mine, personally.

Then I tried to break into the new Sentry tonneau cover myself by peeling back that Velcro, and I learned why they call it “Sentry.”

New Center Security Latch

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Velcro

I must have missed it on the product release sheet, but once Cory had installed this baby on one of our employee’s trucks, I learned all about that new Center Security Latch.

When I went back to read about it, it started to make sense, but the first time I perused the product details, it didn’t really hit me.

So let me paint a picture for you: here’s me, 6 foot nothing, 220 lbs, some of which is probably muscle, with my right arm shoved between the Velcro and the truck bed rails. I got it in about halfway up my bicep. And then I got stuck.

And the thing is, the Sentry, with its aluminum slats… well, she’s quite a bit heavier than the old vinyl Pro X15, and it kinda hurt. Don’t worry about my arm too much. Cory rescued me shortly thereafter.

The point is, if my bicep (which really isn’t that muscular, folks) could barely fit between that Velcro, I’m not going to be able to steal much by breaking in through the Velcro. I mean, maybe I could pull out a hammer, assuming it was right up against the side wall in such a way that I could even reach it.

And that’s when I realized Truxedo had done it. They had finally beat me. I had nothing Negative to say about their new truck bed cover. The Sentry and Sentry CT are both the real deal in tonneau covers. They are the best of it all--easy to use, simple to install, very secure, and give you true full bed access when you really need it. And to top it all off, they have a good locking vinyl top that comes in standard leather-grain vinyl or with the CT a new stylish matte black finish. I was truly impressed.

Disclaimer: I’m… not super strong. Maybe someone with more upper body strength than me would be able to break in through the Velcro more easily than I could and reach further in. Then again, the larger your arms the harder it would be to reach in. However, we also tried this on a short bed truck, and if you were on say a long bed, maybe you’d have more fabric to play with.

Seeing as the tonneau cover locks to the rails on each side in three locations: the bulkhead, the tailgate, and then the one in the middle--on a long bed truck in the exact center point between that new middle Security Latch and the tailgate or bulkhead, you might be able to pry the Velcro open more than I could and get something more the size of say a cordless drill out. But I still think this would be a feat to accomplish, especially if you were in a hurry, say, in a public parking lot.

And with that being said, no tonneau cover, not even a truck bed lid, is 100% secure. My house isn’t 100% secure. The security level of a tonneau cover is about hiding your valuable stuff underneath it and deterring potential criminals, not sealing everything away inside a safe or a vault. With this all in mind, I think it is safe to say that Sentry and Sentry CT are very secure tonneau covers, even though they are attached using Velcro on the side rails.

And that’s pretty much that. I bow to the superior design of Truxedo. I am truly impressed with these two new tonneau covers. We can’t wait to show them off even more. But until then, we’ll leave you with this review and those sweet sweet pics.

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