The Extang Trifecta 2.0 Tonneau Cover

A High Quality Hard Folding Tonneau with Added Style and Security

With A Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover with a Vinyl Look and Feel

  If you’re in the market for a soft roll up vinyl topped tonneau but you like the ease of access of the tri-folding tonneau cover. Consisting of an aircraft grade aluminum skeleton with a heavy-duty leather grain fabric stretched over the top, the Trifecta 2.0 just might be that hybrid soft top / tri-folding cover you’re looking for.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Trifecta 2.0:

The latest offering from Extang Truck Bed Covers

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Extang Trifecta 2.0:

  • A Top Quality Truck Bed Cover with all the Pros of A Soft Cover with None of the Drawbacks
  • A Tri-folding Truck Bed Cover with the Look of a Soft Tonneau Cover
  • Super clean appeal with a low profile look
  • Bonus Security of the EZ-Lock Clamps
  • These Self-Locking clamps are both easy to use and great for keeping your gear safe
  • The Super lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminum frame is sturdy yet easy to install
  • The Double Pivot Design uses MAX hinges that allow the soft leather to fold up like a traditional tri-fold
  • A Soft Truck Bed Cover that works like a Tri-folding Tonneau
  • Top Grain Leather paired with Aluminum Alloys--A Match Made in Truck Bed Heaven
  • Easy install with Extang’s Jaw-Grip Clamps, means no drilling and no damaging your truck bed caps during install
  • Installs in seconds, stays on your truck bed for a lifetime
  • Backed by Extang’s Lifetime Warranty, this baby is built to last
  • Heavy Duty, Low Pro -- A Tri Fold that Doubles as a Soft Top Cover -- FTW!

Soft Top Meets Tri-Fold

Romance Ensues

Soft Vinyl Nostalgia

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “truck bed cover” only two memories come to mind: my gran-pappy’s old maroon truck bed camper shell and my uncle’s vinyl top soft roll up.

I’m not sure why these two thoughts come into my mind, but I guess that’s just how memory works. And when customers and friends alike ask me about bed covers, these are the two things I think of first.

Truck bed camper shells are a whole nother monster than tonneau covers, of course. They are typically very secure, thought my pappy’s one really wasn’t cause the back window never locked quite right. But these shells are also cumbersome, hard to use cause you have to duck down real far or crawl on your hands and knees to put stuff at the front of the bed, and they transform the entire look of your truck--and not really in a good way, at least in most truck owner’s eyes.

But it was the humble camper shell that started it all. And from that we got truck bed lids and today’s more common tonneau or truck bed covers. And one of the most popular styles even still to this day is the soft leather grained vinyl roll up cover--very much like my uncle’s old tonneau.

Again, it could be my memory playing havoc on this old mind of mine, but there’s something almost nostalgic about that full grain leather look of those covers. They sit so low on your truck bed caps and rails. The sun shines off them just so as your driving by. And again, for some reason, it's just the first true truck bed cover style that comes into my mind when people ask me about them.

And while soft roll up covers certainly have that appeal to them, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their drawbacks too. They are one of the most affordable covers available. But they also tend to be one of the least durable and secure too. They are fairly easy to install, but they are kind of annoying to use because you have to really roll them all the way up or leave them completely closed. There just not versatile in their uses and applications like many other style tonneaus that can be used partially open.

And most of the time they are the least secure and hence the least weatherproof covers you can get. Many soft tops are secured on the side by Velco like material known has hook and loop fasteners. You know what I’m talking about. The same stuff most little kids use before they learn how to tie their shoe laces. So there’s no way that soft top can be as secure as say a hard tri-fold tonneau cover that is fully attached to rails that lock onto the bed caps.

But I digress.

While the soft tops of the past are nostalgic and perhaps overly romanticized today, including by this writer, self-admittedly, by the way, they do still have a certain appeal. There’s something about bonded leather, about the feel of the vinyl under your skin on a cool summer day when you run your fingers along the top of your bed rails. It just feels right--like what a truck bed cover is supposed to be.

And if you’re like me, craving that look and low profile style cover, but you want something a little more modern, a little more secure than soft top attached with hook and loop, then you’ve likely looked at one of the top selling styles on the market today: the hard tri-fold tonneau cover.

Tri-Fold Popularity

This style took the market by storm. A very popular look with great features including better security than traditional soft covers, the hard folding cover has been positioned as one of the best options for trucks and truck enthusiasts everywhere.

And for good reason. These covers are more secure, they offer full bed access like the soft covers do, and they can typically be locked in multiple positions so you have more options for carrying larger objects in your truck bed. 

The added versatility and security of the tri-fold cover would be enough to account for their popularity. And they are great covers, no doubt. But they are missing that look, aren’t they. They aren’t that classic vinyl leather top cover.

And even if you aren’t nostalgic like me for that old low profile appeal, you’ll know that the heavier tri-folds are kind of a pain to open and close too. A manly man can do it, no problem, but my wife always complained about the difficulty of folding up our old cover, especially while holding a baby in one hand and trying not to let the shopping cart roll away with your foot. Let’s just put it this way--they could definitely be easier to use than they are and there are styles of covers that are easier to use, for that matter.

But let’s say I want the look and feel of that leather grain top with the added security of the tri-fold? What if I’m looking for a folding tonneau that isn’t as hard to use as a big bulky matte black aluminum paneled beast? I’m looking for the versatility of use from a tri-fold truck bed cover but I want the look and feel of a vinyl top?

Until recently, there really wasn’t a tonneau cover for you, until Extang launched their original Trifecta model. Since that hybrid tri-fold soft topped cover hit the market and skyrocketed in sales, Extang has made some upgrades.

Today, the 2.0 offers more heavy duty fabric on top with the same great look of those vinyl roll ups of the past. It has an even easier installation process and is even more lightweight due to the military grade aluminum skeleton underneath that vinyl top. The upgraded snap on weather seals mean you don’t need hook and loop or tape adhesives to keep the weather and would be theives out. And those new MAX hinges allow you to fold the tonneau up completely, utilizing a true double pivot design that is even more compact than more traditional tri-folds.

And she’s so light weight that my wife doesn’t have any problem opening her up one handed. It's no wonder that this baby is the best selling tonneau cover in its category today. A hybrid cover that offers the best of both worlds--the curb appeal of the traditional soft vinyl roll up with the security and weather seals of a tri-fold. All the pros of both styles with none of the drawbacks of either. It's the kind of truck bed cover that my uncle wishes he could have had back in the day.

Only today, it’s not only possible, it’s affordable too.

So let us get you acquainted with the Extang Trifecta 2.0 -- the next iteration of the perfect blend between soft vinyl and hard tri-fold. It’s the cover for you, unless if you’re like my pappy. Then you’ll need a camper shell and a few buddies to help you install it. Just playing, grandpa. I’ve got your Trifecta shipping out to you with free shipping right now, bro. Time for an upgrade.

I suppose that’s what it all comes down to: style and security. And before the Trifecta 2.0 you had to choose. If you wanted your tonneau to look like a vinyl top, you were giving up the added security of a hard top. And if you wanted security and a tri-fold or hard top, then you were giving up the sweet look of a leather style vinyl soft roll up.

But now you no longer have to choose. You can truly have the best of both worlds with the Extang Trifecta 2.0, a vinyl top with a folding hard top. Check yours out today from Midwest Aftermarket!


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