Rolling Truck Bed Covers for your Pickup

If you’re looking for a tonneau cover that is stylish, sleek, low profile, and affordable, soft rolling tonneau covers are some of the best options for you on the market. And while less common, the hard roll up truck bed cover offers some of the same great features with the added security of hard segmented panels underneath. If the truck bed cover you crave is like the vinyl or leather looking style you have likely seen around your neighborhood, you’ve come to the right page. Let’s break down some of the best features of rolling tonneau covers.


Rolling Tonneau Cover Features

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of many Rolling Truck Bed Covers:

  • Vinyl or Leather Grain Top Material
  • Low Profile design
  • Soft covers tend to sit low on your truck bed rails
  • Sleek design, gives that tonneau cover look
  • Looks flat and stylish when closed
  • Rolls up small, without blocking back window view
  • Easy to use and install
  • Some of the most affordable truck bed covers on the market
  • Protects gear stowed below from the elements
  • Transform your truck bed into a massive cargo hauling storage space
  • Allows for full truck bed access when you need to haul larger items
  • Hides the contents of your truck bed from prying eyes--and hands!
  • Custom designed to fit your year / make / model truck bed

Quick Run Down of the Pros of Going with a Roll Up Cover

While we offer a number of styles of covers from some of the best manufacturers around, the roll up truck bed cover has remained a top seller over the years. This traditional style tonneau (pronounced “tonno” or “tawn-no”) cover has remained popular due to its great curb appeal coupled with excellent affordability.

Soft roll up covers in particular tend to be some of the easiest to install and also the most lightweight. Whether you’re looking to improve fuel economy or just want something you can install in the comforts of your home garage, these covers are great options for you.

And the potential MPG savings aren’t actually anything to scoff at either.

Your New Roll Up Cover and MPG Savings

When I first read that infamous SEMA analysis of the tonneau cover fuel economy savings, I was skeptical along with everyone else. While the science is there, and obviously adding a truck bed cover will reduce your truck’s drag and air resistance, the idea that a tonneau cover could potentially save you so much money that it would pay for itself over time, or even in a year, seemed highly exaggerated to me.

So being the data based organization we are, with a CMO who goes by the moniker of Professor, we thought we aren’t to do our own little analysis. While ours has not involved any wind tunnels or various truck bed covers to date, we did try a little test using the same fuel and the save truck with a soft rolling tonneau cover and without. And while we haven’t even quite yet reported our initial results--be watching our Blog, the Aftermarket Academy, for more on this coming soon--we were frankly pretty shocked by our first round of testing.

While we aren’t about to suggest that all of our tonneau covers will pay for themselves over time, our initial results, which scientifically we are now attempting to reproduce, do suggest that our soft roll up covers most likely will pay for themselves over time. In fact, most of our roll up covers should save you enough in fuel economy over the next 20-40k miles, that you will actually be in the green as far as fuel savings are concerned, even considering the cost of the tonneau. We won’t say that the most expensive or heavy truck bed cover can do this, and again, these are only our preliminary results. But we will say, it looks like SEMA wasn’t actually exaggerating anything. Dramatically reducing drag when regularly commuting for 30 minutes or so on the highway to and from work really does save you money over time by improving your fuel economy. Who knew?!

Stowing and Going

While a tonneau cover paying for itself over time is certainly a great feature to consider, we find that most consumers aren’t just looking for a product that will reduce cost over time. Most of us need a truck bed cover so we can easily store equipment and goods in our truck bed. 

Many truck owners believe that soft roll up covers are among some of the least secure tonneau covers, and for the most part this is true. A sharp knife or crowbar will get you into most soft covers, for that matter. However, a soft truck bed cover is still more secure than no truck bed cover. While that may sound obvious, let me explain.

Half the battle with securing your goods or equipment throughout the day has to do with line of sight. Imagine yourself for a minute as a potential thief, prowling through the parking lot of a local strip mall or shopping district looking for something to swipe. While you may have a knife and / or crowbar with you, which are you more likely to try to get into, especially during broad daylight? Do you grab the bag of tools laying in the open truck bed and make a run for it? Or do you risk breaking into that soft roll up cover hoping that there’s something hidden underneath?

The answer is obvious. Most of the time these kinds of incidents are targets of opportunity. Thief sees something worth stealing. Thief breaks in. But even a soft truck bed cover hides whatever you put under it out of sight. True, someone might try to still break in, but the risk / reward isn’t great. So a soft roll up truck bed cover is still much more secure than no cover at all.

Protecting your Gear from the Elements

And if thieves aren’t your biggest reason for getting a truck bed cover, this might be--the rain, wind, and snow. Here is one of the most common reasons for picking up a tonneau cover. And while other covers might claim to be better sealed against the elements, for the price, most roll up covers do an excellent job.

Let’s start with an obvious but not often stated truth:

No tonneau cover is going to make your truck bed 100% waterproof.

There. I said what no one else seems to want to say. Now that’s not saying that some aren’t better than others. But for the most part, any tonneau cover is going to help keep water out of your truck bed to some extent. What’s our recommendation? If you’ve gotta drive in the rain or snow, store your goods you want to keep dry in a water tight container underneath the cover. If you can’t use a watertight sealed container, like a rubber or plastic container or something like that, then make sure you put your stuff in the center of your truck bed. The areas where most water leaks in on most truck bed covers are the corners, the tailgate, and at the rails. Of course your truck bed is designed to drain water out of it. And this means that the part of your truck bed that will stay the most dry under a truck bed cover is in the middle.

I think a lot of us have this mystical belief that tonneau covers make your truck bed completely sealed. And I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true. But most, even soft roll up covers, do a great job at keeping the elements out. You just need to be smart about placement and not press your luck. Even I wouldn’t drive through a hurricane level storm with something that needs to stay dry under my tonneau cover. Come on. Let’s be real here. But even my well priced soft roll up cover keeps most of my truck bed dry most of the year.

Some of Our Fav Roll Up Covers and Top Selling Rolling Tonneau Covers

Now that we’ve ran through some of the pros and cons of roll up covers, let’s give you a quick run down of some of our personal favorites and best sellers.

TruXedo TruXport

The TruXport soft rolling tonneau cover made by TruXedo is one of the most affordable yet high quality truck bed covers we currently sell. A company that has been around the block a few times, TruXedo has a number of great tonneau covers to select from, including several on this very short list. What makes the TruXport stand out among its peers is that it comes in at such a great price without any major shortcomings or really giving up anything you’d come to expect from both a soft roll up cover and from TruXedo as a company. Backed by their 5 year warranty, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a soft rolling truck bed cover. And that leather grain fabric look makes for great curb appeal too.

TruXedo Pro X15

This “Xtra” Low Profile tonneau is one of the hottest roll up covers on the market today. Called the Pro X15 for it’s 15 degree rails that give it one of the lowest profiles available, TruXedo has really outdone themselves this time around. With all the great features of the TruXport, including that great warranty, plus the added extra low profile look with a matte black fabric, you can’t really go wrong with the X15. And everyone knows matte black is where it is at these days, so if you’re looking to match your other aftermarket or OEM trim products, the Pro X15 could be a match made in heaven. Finally, TruXedo’s Quick-Release System upgrades the X15 even more, allowing you to completely remove the tonneau cover if you need true 100% truck bed access to haul something extra large. And the best part is, removal is super easy, can be done in seconds by a single person, and you don’t need any special tools to do it. It is clear why the TruXedo Pro X15 is such a top seller. If you have more questions about this one, ask Cory “Big Country” what he thinks of his. He’s been rocking it for some time now with no complaints.

Access Original

With its signature SLANTBACK Rear Design, the Original by Access is one you just have to see. Not only is she aerodynamic, but she’s also got a patented AUTOLATCH 2 Dual locking system, making her super secure and easy to operate too. A favorite among those in the know in the aftermarket community, Access has been making great covers since 1991, and they have only raised the bar over the years. Furthermore, their parent company, Agri-cover, is based right here in the States and manufacturers all their tonneau covers here too. So if you want to support local and / or American made, they aren’t a bad choice either. And that Access Original slant back look gets me every time.

TruXedo Sentry CT

If you’re in the market for a hard roll-up tonneau cover, we highly recommend the Sentry CT from TruXedo. Available in a matte black woven fabric (Sentry CT) or industrial strength vinyl fabric (Sentry) top, both these truck bed covers are excellent when it comes to security and roll up style finishes. With all the great features of most soft roll ups, only the added security of a hard segmented top, these tonneau covers are easy to use, look great, and also come with the same great Quick Release System as the X15. TruXedo showed these bad boys off at this years SEMA show, and let me tell you, we were in awe. Go check out our YouTube or some of the Videos in the tabs on the product pages for more visuals of these two great hard roll up covers.

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