Rolling Big Power Stealth Power Running Boards

Military-grade Electric Running Boards Engineered right Here in the US

If you’re in the market for a powered running board that won’t break the bank, the Rolling Big Power Stealth Power Running Board is for you. Let us break down this affordable yet durable automatic running board for your truck or Jeep.

RBP Stealth Power Electric Running Board

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Rolling Big Power Stealth Power Running Boards:

  • Designed right here in the US of A
  • Engineered to last
  • Military grade aluminum boards
  • Finished in a textured powder coat
  • Extreme durability paired with a matte black finish
  • Dual motor setup per side ensures a even and smooth deployment
  • Quickly drops, stealthily tucks away to your rocker panel
  • A step that’s there when you need it, hidden when you don’t
  • Covered by RBP’s 5 year warranty
  • Equipped with resistance sensors to prevent injury during operation
  • Made to sense impediments to closing, so a twig or stick stuck in your step won’t damage it upon closing
  • Designed to handle whatever nature throws at you: sand, dust, snow, sleet, freezing rain--RBP can take it
  • RBP Stealth Step hides when not needed
  • A full length step pad engineered to maximize traction
  • Standard with automatic led lighting included, two for each step
  • Easy to clean and maintain--worry free
  • Lightweight, quick deployment, built to last--what more could you want in a powered running board.

RBP Unveils a Stealth Power Running Board

And Breaks the Interwebs with the Great Price

An automated step bar to rule them all--the Stealth Power Running board from Rolling Big Power made its debut and then some recently. And we can’t tell you how excited we are to try these babies out.

When it comes to top quality, RBP rarely disappoints. Designed by top engineers, the Stealth Power Running board is crafted from aircraft quality aluminum, black powder coat finished, and born to raise hell--stealthily. Yeah. Stealthily. Why do we emphasize that? These things are tough, they deploy fast, but they are damn near silent too. How did they get them to extend and close so fast with a dual electric motor setup and still be super quiet?! How?!

True stealth design, these boards tuck up into your rocker panel to hide when your in motion, then automatically deploy when you open your door. Dreamed up in the United States, nestled between the rear wheels and the front, these auto nerf bars are sick to look at and impressive in their operation.

The Dirty Details

Customers almost always have a certain list of spec they just have to know before they buy. And when it comes to step bars and truck steps, typically their are three big ones everyone wants to know:

  • Step Pad Width
  • Weight Rating
  • Drop Length

The first two are fairly self explanatory. The step pad need to be wide enough for you to get your foot on it comfortably so you can step up into your vehicle’s cab. The weight rating needs to be high enough to support your weight or whoever else is going to be riding in your vehicle regularly. No one wants to step on something flimsy they think might not be able to support their weight.

The drop length is a little more nuanced. Basically, this is the space between the rocker panel and the step board itself. Typically people want this step to be big enough to easily get your boot in, but not so big that the boards look like they are hanging super low to the ground. When it comes to motorized steps, like the Actiontrac powered running boards, AMP Research Power Step, and the RBP Stealth Power running boards, hanging super low isn’t the big concern because these babies are going to retract up under your vehicle while you’re in motion. The bigger concern here tends to be how much clearance you have to step on the board.

Enough yammering. Give us the damn specs already.

The Sweet Specs on this RBP Running Board

Here they are:

  • A Weight Rating of 600 lbs.
  • 6.125 inch Step Pad Width for great traction no matter your shoe size
  • An 8 inch Drop to give plenty of clearance and an easy step up into your cab

Available now for most makes and models 2014 or newer, these running boards are going to change the game. With both a front and rear motor, these powered steps are designed to have a smooth but tight style and action. We think you’re going to love them, and if you like the way they look in the images above, then just image how great they will look on your truck or Jeep.

Safety and Durability

One of the last things one my mind when I’m shopping for step bars is safety. I’ll admit it. When I was younger, I’d probably see that word and skip that whole section. That’s why I paired it up with durability, a word that I like to see and understand because I want my aftermarket accessories to last. Let me show you how these two work hand and hand when it comes to motorized step bars and running boards.

One of the biggest cause for failure on early prototype and first to market powered running boards had to do with a very important safety feature that’s become a major talking point in the industry. Sensors and obstruction.

A powerful DC Magnetic Motor, like the two included with each RBP Stealth Running Board, could easily crush a stick or a shoe. So you really need to consider the safety factor here. Again, in my younger days, I wouldn’t have cared as much about this. But now that I have kids, I think about it often. I don’t want my son to be playing around on my step bar and have it close up on his little foot.

And RBP was prepared to combat this issue. The Stealth Running Boards come equipped with resistance sensors to detect anything pressing down on or obstructing the board from closing. This means that you don’t have to worry about your arm or foot getting caught in the board. RBP makes safety a major concern in their design.

Alright, so safety is all well and good, but you mentioned durability too.

Well, here’s the thing. The first stick or branch that gets stuck in your board and won’t let it close probably won’t be a big deal. You’ll pull the damn thing out and go about your business. But over time, if your motorized board doesn’t come with sensors, every time it tries to close on a branch or stick, a little damage gets done to the gears and the motors. And overtime, that adds up. Without proper safety and sensors, your motors won’t last long because every little thing that stops that motor from fully closing promotes damage internally and externally.

It may be small, but over time, this can become a real issue. And a jammed motor is a lot harder to deal with than just replacing a dented or dinged up board. Without a working motor, your boards won’t close up or deploy right.

And that’s part of the reason why RBP covers you with a 5 year warranty. Those onboard sensors help prevent repeated damage from failed closure and keep your Stealth Power Boards running optimally for years. And RBP gives you the peace of mind with that great warranty as well. Nothing like an American company going above and beyond, am I right?

Furthermore, RBP has created a monster of a product here. These boards and motors are IP68 rated, meaning they are water resistant up to 1.5 meters (think a little over a yard) of depth. And that rating also means the motors are dust proof. Nothing is gonna get inside that motor and damage it. Sprinkle in some great overheat protection, and these babies are built to last the long haul.

Winter Weather and Stupid Salt

The final big question we get on most nerf steps and running boards is, how it gonna hold up in the winter. Of course what we’re all really worried about when we ask that question is corrosion and oxidation.

As a truck owner who lives in the Midwest, every winter I know my undercarriage is in danger. The snow itself gets caked on and stuck in inconvenient places, promoting rust over time. And as if that isn’t enough, the salt and other chemicals we put on the roads to try to melt that ice and snow only add to the damage on my vehicle. Curses, I say!

So while I’m concerned over my steel frame, I might also ponder how my new steps are gonna hold up. And that’s where the solid powder coat finish comes in. When you powder coat a metal, you are sealing it up inside a durable coating to protect it from the elements. And don’t get me wrong. We love powdercoating, especially textured matte black finishes like those on this board. But sometimes powder coating alone isn’t enough.

We can’t tell you how often we hear that a powder coat finish has been damaged or scratched or peeled off, revealing the metal underneath. And once that metal is exposed, the rust starts to happen. I’m typically all about steel, myself, as a Chevy truck owner. But the thing about steel is, while it is tough af, there is this whole oxidation thing that happens when air and water hit it over time. And once that corrosion takes hold, that steel gets brittle and orange / brown. And before you know it, I’ll need a new truck. Sigh.

So while we often go on and on about the thickness of the steel used in a board or bar, you have to be careful about steel products too, even when you powder coat them. Because if that powder coat gets damaged, your steel is gonna start rusting.

But the RBP Stealth Power Running boards are all aluminum, baby. That’s military-grade aluminum that is durable and, here’s the best part, it won’t rust. Ever. Period. End of story.

Alright, so technically, aluminum will oxidize, but when it does, it doesn’t go all brittle and turn orange or brown like steel. Nope. It actually just further hardens when it oxidizes. These babies are tough and built to last. And the lightweight aluminum still has a super high tensile strength for its weight. Trust me when I say you can’t go wrong with aluminum steps here. And don’t tell any of the other Chevy guys I said that, but the light weight is also great for fuel economy.

Basically, you’re looking at the best of both worlds when it comes to winter weather protection. The powder coat is your first level of defense, and should that fail, the aluminum underneath will keep on truckin’ for years. Now I’m starting to see why RBP is so confident in their product that they back it by that 5 year warranty. These babies are built to last.

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