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The Best Digital Gauge Monitor of 2020

Whether you're looking to pair a handheld tuner with a new dash monitor or want to be able to have multiple gauges covering various PIDs that your HUD just doesn't have stock, the time has never been more right to pick up a digital gauge monitor for your truck. Edge's latest iteration of the CTS line, the Insight CTS3, has everything we've loved in the past from Edge's premiere digital monitor line, just cranked up to 11, with tons of new features, a slim new redesign, and a massive upgrade on the technology that powers the entire device. And some of these innovative new features go beyond anything we've ever seen in an in cab monitor, such as their brand new Pitch and Roll screen, which measures G's when cornering via their G-meter as well as your pitch / roll when towing up or down hill. Edge certainly wasn't exaggerating when they said that the Best Just Got Better with their new and improved CTS3 Digital Monitor. And we didn't even talk about the new Turbo Timer or the Wi-Fi updating ability yet. Let's dive into all the new dets of this sweet dash mountable digital gauge monitor.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor:

  • The Best Digital Gauge Monitor to Date
  • State of the Art, Best New Digital Monitor, with Touch Screen
  • Finally, a Monitor that rivals your smart phone for power and speed
  • This 3rd Generation device is more than just a simple update
  • Easy Install, Plug and Play via your OBDII port
  • Designed for most modern diesel and domestic gas vehicles (1996 and up)
  • Update for Dodge Ram, 1998.5 through 2005, coming very soon via Wifi
  • Gauges for hundreds of vehicle parameters / PIDs
  • Including RPM's, Transmission Temperature, EGT, Regen Cycles, Boost, and so much more
  • An auto-dimming, State-of-the-Art 5" Full color capacitive touch screen 
  • Slimmer than any other monitor device ever made
  • Monitor your vehicle's performance, with clear data access
  • 100% Customizable Device: from uploading Backgrounds to Custom Gauges with colors and personalized min. / max. values
  • Just turn your key, and the CTS3 powers on right to your Main Gauge Screen
  • Switch between various custom Gauge screens with ease
  • A Simple swipe can cycle you through screens for economy, towing, performance, or whatever custom needs your ride has
  • Digital performance tests for 0-60, 0-100, quarter mile, and ⅛ mile speed runs
  • Upgraded data logger can export your runs directly to your home computer
  • Easily read and clear DTC (Diagnostic Troubleshoot Codes) from your home garage
  • Built for simple integration with EAS to add additional gauges or switch controls for various accessories
  • Or utilize the brand new Power Switch Screen to power on or off your various accessories, including lights, winches, and more
  • Push easy updates via your home WiFi: no need to plug it into your PC to check for updates
  • Comes with a durable and easy to install windshield mounting bracket
  • Diesel Owner's Delight: Turbo Timer lets your Turbo cool off after you pull the key, prolonging Turbo life via preventative means
  • New Pitch and Roll screen provides accelerometer data, including G's when cornering and pitch and roll when towing uphill or down
  • No other monitor on the market today boasts such an innovative feature as the new G-meter
  • A Gearhead's delight: faster, smoother, and slimmer than previous models with all these added features
  • The Fastest Frame Rate of Any Monitor Currently on the Market
  • The Most Powerful Tech Specs for a Digital Gauge Monitor:
  • Cutting Edge Processing Power: the Arm 9 TI Processor, rated at upwards of 300 Mhz plus
  • Memory for Days: over 1 GB of RAM
  • And a serious upgrade to data storage on the device itself
  • Truly, Edge is correct when they say, "The Best Just Got Better!"

Beyond a Smart Phone Style Upgrade

In this day and age, we've become accustomed to yearly iterations in the smart phone industry. While initially, maybe even still, many of us bought into the band wagon initiative of upgrading our digital devices yearly, over time most realized that these annual roll outs were little more than iterative, featuring minor updates at best and small time redesigns of UI features at the worst, always with a hefty price increase. After all, if you want the newest, greatest, and best New smart phone, you're willing to pay top dollar.

I'm glad to say that with Edge and their new CTS3, we have been given the best new upgrades to date of this style of digital gauge monitor, without the price hike. It reminds me both of the way smart phone upgrades used to work and of my first HD TV.

Let's start with the phone comparison.

Remember back in the day when you upgraded your smart phone, maybe for the first time ever, and right out the gate you could tell just how much faster that new device was compared to the old one?

Yeah, prepare yourself for that, in spades!

The new Insight CTS3 is packed with major tech upgrades behind the screen, so to speak. If we ever had any complaints about tuners or touchscreen monitors in the past, especially from some of Edge's competitors and some knock off white box options out there, it has been the lack of processing power and speed. It never feels good when you boot up your hundred dollar brand new touch screen device and find that it has some serious lag not only in load time but also in touch response.

But Edge has gone above and beyond on the tech specs this time around. Upgrading their processing power to a brand new ARM 9 from Texas Instruments. This chip set can handle upwards of 300 Mhz and then some, a massive increase compared to most other digital monitors, and even many touchscreen tuners, out on the market today.

To supplement that processing power boost, Edge increased the RAM in this new device to over 1 gigabyte. That's insane, when you consider that many other options out there have less than 200 megabits worth of RAM. And if all this tech stuff sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, then all you need to know is that compared to most monitors out there, this new CTS3 is going to be blazing fast!

Secondly, I do mean that this upgrade is comparable to upgrading from a standard, old school analog TV to a full HD 1080p flatscreen. It really is that kind of a jump in technology. 

It isn't so much that the 5" screen is a massive jump up from the previous size, nor is the resolution a huge improvement over the CTS2. Where this baby shines, over those incredible speed jumps already mentioned, is that Edge really did crank the customization up to 11, as I teased in my intro. When they announced their new taglines--the Best Just Got Better and 100% Customizability--they really weren't exaggerating at all. Not only can you upload a custom background in full resolution to your CTS3, but you can actually customize, not just the background color, but the actual gauge color and minimum and maximum values. On top of that, with the 100's of PIDs you can monitor with this digital gauge, you can set various visual and audible alarms to warn you when you hit certain marks, such as transmission temperature or RPM's or even engine temp. The customization is nearly endless.

Impressive New Features

It is rare that we say this, but if you are rocking a turbo diesel, this is the digital gauge monitor for you. The new Turbo Timer screen on this device allows you to enable your engine to continue running, even after you've removed the key, so that your turbo can probably cool down. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your turbo from hot oil and a suddenly shut down engine and exhaust. Instead, your turbo cools down the way it was designed to, over time, adding years to your turbos life span.

Tower's Delight, Racer's Datalog Wetdream

A new feature mixed with a souped up classic Data logger, the Pitch and Roll screen is great for everyone from the racer who loves to take hard corners to the tower hauling a heavy load. This new capability actually shows in real time the pitch and roll of your vehicle when you're heading up or down a hill, say for towing, or even when you are cornering.

And that G-meter is no joke. Being able to see how hard of a G you can take on a sharp curve can be fun for the casual driver, and an absolute game changer for the racer in the family. Add on the improved data log function, which allows you to capture the data and the screen all in one go, and you've got the perfect diagnostic tool for racers, towers, and just those who want to be able to brag to their friends about their 0-60 times.

Edge's Brand New for 2020 Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor

We see a lot of products come down the line, and we hear a lot of marketing lines thrown about. But this time, Edge really has outdone themselves. Just when you thought they had conquered the market with their CTS2, they came out with a new and improved massive upgrade in the CTS3, which features we didn't even know we were missing and that now we couldn't live without. If you're in the market for a digital monitor, the time is right to strike with the New Insight CTS3. 

A Quick Little Video Guide to the Insight CTS3

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