N-Fab Textured Black Cab Length Podium Steps

A Drop Down Step with a Main Tube that fits High & Tight on the Vehicle

Bullet Point Breakdown of the N-Fab Textured Black Cab Length Podium LG Steps

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the N-Fab Textured Black Cab Length Podium LG Steps:

  • A Solid One Piece construction Texture Black Drop Down Step with Style
  • Available in Cab Length and Wheel to Wheel w/ Bed Access (see other listing)
  • And in two different finishes: Textured Black Powder Coat and Polished Stainless Steel (other listing)
  • These N-Fab Podium LG steps are the textured black cab length
  • Based out of Texas, N-Fab knows off-road and street aftermarket products like a Texas sized porterhouse steak knows dinner
  • Great for both stock and lifted vehicles
  • Super easy DIY install that can be done in your home garage with a socket wrench and a buddy
  • Main central tube fits high and tight on the rocker panel
  • 3” Main tube diameter is durable and provides a modern style
  • Fully welded single piece main tube makes for superior strength and durability
  • Backed by N-Fab’s 5 year finish warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship because N-Fab stands behind their products
  • The black powder coated finish protects the podium steps, keeping them in top condition for years to come
  • Superior material design: the Podium Black Steps are constructed of high grade stainless steel
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N-Fab Textured Black Cab Length Podium Steps

What else should we note before diving into an in-depth review of the LG Podium steps from N-Fab:


  • Easy no drill, no cut installation
  • Perfect for the DIY guy with a home garage
  • Sure-grip step offers excellent traction to help you get into and out of your vehicle easily
  • Step pad measures nearly 5 inches wide (4 and ¾ inches to be exact)
  • A sizeable step area for any sizeable booted man
  • Mounting brackets / installation hardware is included with these step bars
  • Based out of Houston, Texas, N-Fab is an industry leader in running boards, hoop steps, and nerf bars
  • A company you can trust, with a product built to last: N-Fab Podium Steps

    If you’ve got a big foot and are in the market for a drop down step, N-Fab’s Podium Steps are a great option. Available in Textured Black (LG, this page) or Stainless Steel (SS, another page), N-Fab has a version of the Podium to match your stock trim. Backed by a 5 year warranty for the textured black finish and a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, N-Fab stands behind their products. This hoop step provides a large area to step on and gives great traction to easily help you into and out of your truck’s cab. Built to last, this fully welded, one piece construction can take a beating and keep on ticking. When it comes to hoop steps, N-Fab remains king, and these Podium LG steps show their talent off in spades.

    When it comes to steps, N-Fab has been in the game innovating since the beginning. Found in the 1980’s, N-Fab innovated from the start, offering their patented hoop steps and drop down nerf bars, and manufacturing entirely with heavier gauge steel than most of their competitors. Today, N-Fab’s 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel is used in a large amount of their steps and running boards, and this superior grade steel helps make N-Fab a company that has consistent quality and durability over cheap knockoffs from overseas.

    Why I’m Still a Huge N-Fab Fan Today

    As N-Fab continues to innovate, I’m reminded of my first ever steps. Drum roll please… the Podium LG. Alright, technically I had a crappy OEM running board first. So sue me. 

    But one of the first aftermarket products I ever put on my F-150 was a set of N-Fab LG Podium Steps, with black powder coat and all that jazz.


    Well, I confess I was young and more into looks than anything else. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Anytime you’re looking at adding an accessory onto your truck, you should make sure you like the look of it before you spend your hard earned cash on it. Steps are no different than picking up a new grille or bumper or tonneau. If they don’t go with your truck’s look, then you aren’t going to like the way they fit on your truck.

    Back in the day, admittedly, we didn’t have as many options when it came to step bars. You had your round or oval bars with the step pads on them. There were traditional flat running boards. And then we had some starting takes on the hoop step that N-Fab has really perfected over time.

    Well, I wanted to be ahead of the game, really. When it comes to my truck, I’m all about standing out from the crowd. If all my buddies opted for an oval nerf step bar, then I’ve gotta try to out do them or at least do something a little different.

    And while I don’t have anything against running boards, per se, and I actually really like the newly released Growler running board from N-Fab, we didn’t have anything that innovative around. Again, running boards back in the day were just slabs of metal, basically. Nothing fancy like these new more modern designs we have now.

    So when I went to upgrade my stock steps to something aftermarket and hot, I knew I needed something that had a distinct look.

    I found it with the N-Fab Podium steps.

    First, the main bar sits flush up against the rocker panel. This gives the whole step bar an integrated look. In other words, the nerf bar looks like it belongs there--like it is part of the truck, not something I added on after purchase.

    I like aftermarket parts, but I do want them to match my truck. So if I have matte black trim on my Ford, then I’m going to need matte black accessories that look similar to the whole truck has a cohesive look, if that makes sense.

    I know. Never realized I had some much insight on matching colors. My wife is going to throw a fit the next time she asks me if that skirt matches those shoes. Don’t tell her. Hopefully she won't read this.

    So I want something to match, to fit the rest of my truck. Check box number one: NFab has that covered.

    Next I am a bigger guy--going on 6 foot three, but who’s counting. And my shoe size matches that. When you’re rocking size 14 boots, you need a wide step area for your running boards or step bars. Some of the nerf steps in particular on the market had pretty small step pads. The pad is the part that offers all the traction, so I knew if I didn’t get a wide enough area, I was going to lose out on some function.

    Of course I want the bar to look good. But if I can’t use the damn thing cause I can’t get my fat foot on it, then it doesn’t matter how good it looks.

    When I saw that the N-FAB Podium steps have nearly a 5 inch wide step area, I knew I found a step bar that could handle my foot.

    And the part that really got me was the look of that step itself.

    I really like how wide it is and that it has that aggressive look. The N-Fab symbol stamped into the step looks sweet. The slits in the step itself give the whole piece that rugged aftermarket feel. And of course those slits don’t just look cool. They provide additional traction or friction to the bottom of your shoe, helping you keep your footing when you’re getting into or out of your cab.

    And they also help to drain off water and sludge and mud if you’re driving through some nasty weather or live some place that gets rough winters.

    I know we get plenty of snow in these parts, so I needed a step that could handle a little snow sludge and mud from time to time.

    Finally, the bar just feels good. After I installed the nerf board, I found that it felt sturdy. This bad boy can handle my weight and then some. And as I said, I’m not a little guy or anything.

    So all in all, I was very pleased with my purchase back in the day of these Podium steps. I glad to say they lasted for years and are still in solid condition now. You do want to make sure you don’t get your powder coat damaged especially if you live anywhere with heavy snow in the winters. But if you’re careful about it, these bars could last a long time indeed.

    When in doubt, if you’re looking for a great step bar, you would be hard pressed to find a better manufacturer than N-Fab. These guys make some great steps that are built to last a long time. Check out all of N-Fab’s great offerings. I think you’ll find a great board or bar for your truck from N-Fab today and get them installed on your truck easily. They make superior and innovative products.

    And should you need help choosing, give us a call and talk to one of our human parts experts. We can help you decide which board or bar would look best on your ride and be best for your particular uses. After all, the nerf bar you select also has to do with what kind of truck you drive. Let us help you get the best step bar for your vehicle today.

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