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N-Fab Black Cab Length Nerf Bars

The Drop Down Hoop Style Step that Started a Movement

These N-Fab Nerf Step bars were the first of their kind. These patented N-Fab hoop step changed the name of the game in the nerf step industry by offering something no other option so far had: the ability to offer a step pad or area that is lower than your cab level. Featuring a fully welded one piece construction for added durability and easy install, these hoop steps have a modern, clean look and act as both nerf bars and steps. Made from .084 wall steel tubing, these patented hoop steps feature a 3” diameter main tube. These black cab length steps come in three separate finishes: a shiny stainless steel, a glossy smooth black, and a textured matte black. The main bar sits high on your rockers, giving these steps an OE style blend. The textured finish is provided via N-Fab’s 3 stage powder coating process and designed to shield steel against the elements.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the N-Fab Nerf Step System

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the N-Fab Black Cab Length Nerf Bars:

  • The Original Hoop Step
  • N-Fab’s patented drop down style steps
  • Designed to make it easy to get into and out of your vehicle
  • Available in three different configurations: Wheel to Wheel, Bed Access, and Cab Length
  • You are currently viewing the Cab Length listing--our best selling option and most common
  • Cab Length step bars only run the length of your vehicle’s cab
  • These step bars are custom made to fit your year, make, and model vehicle
  • Make sure to input your vehicle information above before buying
  • Backed by N-Fab’s superior 5 year finish, limited lifetime workmanship warranty
  • Glossy black finish is smooth and shiny
  • Textured finish is matte black and rugged
  • Stainless finish is polished and glossy
  • Easy installation that can be completed without drilling for most applications
  • A great nerf bar for the DIY guy with a garage
  • Zinc coating process helps prevent rust or oxidation
  • These steps are designed to look great and function very well too
  • Nerf steps protect your vehicle from damage and make it easy to get up into the cab
  • Great for both stock and lifted trucks
  • The O.G. Hoop style steps
  • A Patented Drop Down Step with Style from a name you can trust
  • The N-Fab Nerf Step System

N-Fab Black Cab Length Nerf Bars

When shopping around for nerf bars and steps, a few names almost always come up: Iron Cross, Westin, ICI, and of course N-Fab. N-Fab has been around since the early days of aftermarket, making great step bars and pre-runners that are built to last and feature unique styles and options.

And this particular nerf bar is the one that started it all. Before N-FAB came onto the scene there were basically just two types of step bars or running boards. Well, technically one kind of nerf bar I guess if you bring semantics into the game.

You had your boards: long running boards that went the length of your cab or wheel to wheel. These flat boards offer large step areas and not much variation on style.

And the main nerf bar of the time was the oval or round step bar design, featuring one to two step pads and again, not much variation at all. Maybe you’d get a chrome and glossy black option if you looked hard enough. Maybe.

And both of these style boards and bars were pretty generic. It isn’t that they don’t get the job done, but there wasn’t anything about them that really made your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

So imagine how everybody basically flipped their sh!t when the first ever drop step hoop style nerf bars were introduced by N-Fab. To call this a game changer would be a dramatic understatement, indeed.

Suddenly there was an option out there that involved a main bar mounted to your rocker panel, with steps that dropped down closer to the ground, making it easier to step up onto the step area in the first place, and hence easier to get into your cab.

Furthermore, the design revolutionized style. Now you had more than just a straight bar or board or tube to play with. You could introduce… angles!

You can play with step bars that extend in different ways. You could alter the amount of variance of distance between main bar and step pad. You could make a nerf step for people with larger feet that still attached to your rocker panels but hung down lower to easy use.

The door was opened and the possibilities seemed endless.

And since then, N-Fab hasn’t slowed down. They’ve been innovating ever since, coming out with new takes on their original hoop step. Their patented design really did change the step market forever. And we have to pay a little homage to the original drop down step, the N-Fab Nerf Step System.

Nerf Steps: What You Need for Your Truck and Why

So let’s break it down for you real fast before you make your final purchasing decision on which nerf step you need and why. Whether you’re looking for a running board or a drop down step like this N-Fab Cab Length nerf step, these products are designed to do a few things and do them very well.

First, the step itself is meant to offer easier access to your truck’s cab. This is true of pretty much every step or board on the market, but it is worth noting. Some of us need a little help getting up into our trucks. This could be true whether you’re rocking a super lifted pickup or stock vehicle as well. The shorter you or your spouse is, the more you will get out of having a step installed.

Honestly, I used to think that nerf steps were really only necessary if you had a lifted truck. These days, now that I’m a little older, I can’t imagine driving my truck around without my nerf steps installed. Day in and day out, every single time I leave the house, I’m stepping up into my truck’s cab. And most of the time, I have to load my son up in his car seat in the backseat too. My cab length steps make buckling him into his car seat so much easier.

And even when I’m on my own, I can’t express enough how my knees and back feel better now that I have my steps installed. You don’t realize how that added height really affects you.

Trust me. Steps are a life changer.

And when it comes to making it easier to get into your vehicle, since these drop down steps extend lower than most boards or steps, you have to do even less work to get into your truck. Again, this is pretty obvious, but it is well worth mentioning, especially if you’ve ever been like me and thought you didn’t really need a step bar.

Well maybe you didn’t need it, per se, but you’ll use it every day. I’ll promise you that. And there are times when having the bar installed really saved me.

Which brings me to the second point. While many running boards and step bars are only really designed to be used as steps, nerf bars like this N-FAB are in their own category.

Nerf bars were originally designed less as a step and entirely to protect your vehicle. These racing implements were developed initially to protect race cars and help prevent tires from rubbing or getting caught up on one another during a race when one car was passing another and they encountered a nerf or bumped into one another.

Nerf actually means to bump into, especially used as racing slang.

So nerf bars, much like their original function, too are designed to protect your vehicle against various nerfs or bumps.

These nerf steps from N-FAB can help prevent other vehicle’s doors from hitting your car in a parking lot. Likewise, these steps could help stop a runaway cart or various other wheeled implements from dinging up your truck’s doors.

So when it comes to function, these N-FAB cab length Nerf Step bars have you covered.

And when we look at the evolution of style, from straight boards and bars to drop steps, you can see why N-FAB dominated the marketplace for years to come.

And they’ve continued to innovate and do so for years to come. Whether you’re in the market for a solid running board and looking at that sick new Growler, or you’re digging on the new EpYx step system, or even if you want the classic look and feel of the original drop step, the N-Fab Nerf Steps, N-FAB has a step solution for you.

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