K&N Blackhawk 71 Series Cold Air Intake

A Top of the Line Synthetic Oil-Free Filter

Looking for the ultimate, low restriction cold air intake? Want a synthetic filter that is washable and doesn’t have to be oiled? Need better air flow with quality filtration? This Blackhawk 71 Series from K&N has all that and more in one of the best cold air intakes we’ve ever carried. Oh, and did I mention it comes in all black?

Bullet Point Breakdown

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the K&N Blackhawk 71 Series Cold Air Intake:

  • K&N’s Guarantee that the 71 Series will increase your Horsepower
  • The Blackhawk is made of all black components--even the filter!
  • Increases throttle response
  • Improves engine sound or tone
  • Easy, DIY install using common tools
  • Synthetic air filter is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Oil-free Air Filter. This is NOT an oiled filter. No need to oil ever.
  • Simply wash with K&N synthetic air filter cleaner when dirty, then reinstall.
  • Designed to take up to 100,000 miles before cleaning (depending on climate / driving conditions)
  • Backed by K&N’s Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Top of the line filtration from the air filter
  • Maximum air flow from the whole intake
  • Air filter is made from black synthetic media
  • Looks sick and adds performance
  • The last Cold Air Intake you’ll ever buy!

K&N Blackhawk Series

The 71 Series is All that and an All Black Finish to Boot

Imagine everything you’ve ever wanted in a cold air intake:

  • Excellent horsepower and torque gains.
  • Improved fuel economy and efficiency.
  • Great engine tone.
  • 98% Filtration Efficiency.

Without any of the tedious drawbacks of such high efficiency top of the line filters:

  • No replacing the filter every 20k miles
  • No messy oil to clean and replenish
  • No specialized tools for the install
  • No fears that you’re losing air flow over filtration or vice versa

Imagine the Cold Air Intake that broke the mold, that was built for the best engines on the planet, that is made to last the lifetime of your vehicle. Now powdercoat it in a textured finish. And you’ve got yourself a K&N Blackhawk 71 Series top of the line cold air intake. And she ain’t just for sports cars, baby. No, she’ll work on your truck or Jeep too, giving you the top of the line air filtration without any of the air flow restriction that your engine hates. These babies define the real deal. And I can’t wait to install one on my personal truck in the coming year.

And I guess that’s one of the biggest lines of praise we could possibly give when you think about it. Both myself and Cory swear that this is the upgrade we want to put on our personal trucks in the near future. And we see, install, and sell just about every Cold Air Intake you can imagine that’s available today for trucks and Jeeps in the US. We’ve seen them all, and we’ve sold lots of ‘em. But when it comes to our personal opinion of the creme de la creme of cold air intakes, nothing comes close. This Blackhawk is where its at.

So before I get into the nitty gritty details on it, let me just say that you can’t go wrong here. If you’re in the market for a cold air intake system and you know why you need one and what you want out of it, then just go ahead and click add to cart, cause you will not be disappointed. This is in my opinion the best bang for your engine’s buck that is out there as of this writing. But if you don’t know why you need a cold air intake or are on the fence about the cost or the point of even having one, then please, please, PLEASE! Keep reading, so I can explain.

Drooling done.

On to what makes your engine run.

Why You Should Upgrade your Intake

The Pros of a Performance Cold Air Intake

When people think of aftermarket parts, often times I think their minds go to tonneau covers and upgraded wheels (a.k.a. rims). Heck, I’m old enough to even remember when spinner rims first hit the market. My point is that the general idea of upgrading your air intake might not be the first place a guy’s mind goes when he thinks of adding an aftermarket part to his truck. But in all honesty, upgrading your air intake is probably one of the first and most important things you can do to your truck. It improves so much, especially for the amount of install work required and the upfront cost of the part. We could talk about truck bed covers and tuners all we want, but at the end of the day, a Cold Air Intake will improve your truck’s power, longevity, fuel economy, and even her sound. You’d be hard pressed to find a single product that gives you so much that can be installed solo in your garage without any speciality equipment and likely for under half a grand.

I think the reason more truck and Jeep owners don’t immediately upgrade their air intake systems as soon as they drive their new vehicle off the lot is that we don’t fully understand or realize the potential of our engines. And to get the most out of those combustion engines, you really need a solid, state of the art, cold air intake.

Some of this might also stem from the common myth that vehicles come off the assembly line in tip top shape. Might be best to start there.

Myth #1:

If my vehicle didn’t come stock with it, it’s not necessary.

This one is so common, I think even I’m gult of it. You think to yourself, well, if my truck is running fine without it, I don’t need it. Well, that might be right when you think of something like a fender flare or aftermarket rear bumper, but when it comes to your air intake, your truck was due for an upgrade before she ever reached the lot.


Simple. Because the manufacturer doesn’t care about maximizing horsepower, torque, or longevity of your engine’s life.

Okay. Let me slow down. They do care about all of those things. But they care more about minimizing cost while maximizing profit. And as I already stated before, air intakes aren’t the sexiest thing about your truck. So instead, the parts the OEM focus on are cosmetics and aspects people talk about like engine size, new headlight designs, truck bed sizes and shapes, and all that stuff--which is great. Except this means that some parts that are hidden away under your hood don’t always get the attention to detail they need.

Don’t worry. That’s where we come in--the aftermarket community.

And we’ve got some excellent options for upgrading your air intake to a superior cold air intake like the Blackhawk from K&N.

Myth #2:

Cold Air Intakes only improve horsepower, so you only need it for towing / racing.

First off, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While companies love to boast about how much horsepower you’re gonna gain by adding on their cold air intake, I’d actually say the horsepower gains are secondary. Yes, we all want better throttle response, more get up and go, and more power out of our engines. No doubt. But the true function and reason to install a cold air intake should have more to do with extending your engine’s life than squeezing a few extra horses out of it.

Adding a cold air intake, like the K&N Series 71, will improve the longevity of your engine’s life simply by the way it functions.

Cold Air Intakes are designed to pull cooler air, air that is farther away from the hot parts of your engine than stock intakes, into your engine. And again, it isn’t that the manufacturers don’t know this trick. It’s that when you’re trying to cut costs, this is an easy area to skimp.

The cooler air is also denser air, meaning more oxygen can be pushed into each of your engine’s cylinders. This is how all of those great benefits, from the added horsepower and torque to the improved fuel economy and engine longevity is accomplished.

The added oxygen means your engine can add more fuel to get the perfect oxygen to fuel ratio. This unleashes all the power your engine can muster.

The cooler air means the engine runs a bit cooler, and since all of this leads to more fuel burn off and less fuel not being consumed, that means less fuel particles escape without burning up and you have less buildup and residue on your engine parts. Hence, your engine increases its efficiency and how long it will last.

Finally, the mandrel bent tubes with wider openings and less friction means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to suck in the air in the first place. Thus, less power is wasted getting the whole process started. And the great air flow and low resistance of the synthetic filter work hand in hand with this.

Likely you are starting to get the big picture here. You need a cold air intake for all of these reasons. And over time, a great synthetic lifetime air filter like the Blackhawk will not only keep your engine running smoothly, but it will also increase power, performance, fuel economy, and even make your engine sound better.

What’s not to love about cold air intakes?

What if we made it look super cool and last even longer cause it is powder coated black?

Done and done.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I’m ordering my K&N Blackhawk 71 Series Cold Air Intake System right now.

Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

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