Husky Liners Rear Wheel Well Guards For 2014-2019 GMC Sierra 1500 15-19 2500 3500 Does Not Fit Dually Models 79031

SKU HUS-79031


Husky Liners Wheel Well Guards keeps your wheel wells clean and protects them against rust and mud. If you?re driving a newer model pickup truck that doesn?t have liners or has those stylistic felt liners and you?re looking to protect your truck?s undercarriage and wheel well against rust and grime build up, you need some Wheel Well Guards like yesterday. A product that used to be mostly for the farmer and other regular off road drivers, the Wheel Well Guard has become a staple aftermarket product since various OE manufacturers moved away from stock guards or towards less rugged, more aesthetically pleasing ?liners? that don?t really protect like the older style used to. Hate to be that guy who says cliche lines, but when it comes to protecting your wheel wells and suspension, they really don?t make these trucks like they used to. And you might need just a little added protection. Husky Liners Wheel Well Guards are a great option for you to consider. And again, if you look in your wheel well and see there is no liner or you see your suspension and undercarriage through the upper parts of your fender, you probably should pickup at least a pair of guards for your wheel well, at the very least for your rear wheels. One of the most common areas of rust on some modern pickup trucks is the wheel well, and it happens often from ice and mud getting caked up there during the various seasons. So whether you?re off-roading or not, you should check out your wheel wells today and make sure you prevent a possible issue down the road by installing these affordable and easy to use wheel well guards today, before oxidation takes hold.