Husky Liners Sun Shades Windshield Shade

A Precision Fit, Laser Measured, Custom Sun Shade for your Windshield

When it’s blazing hot outside and you’re just getting off from a rough day on the job, there’s nothing worse than opening your truck door to find that it’s even hotter inside than out. The sun’s harmful UV rays not only heat up the air in your truck’s cab, but also damage the upholstery, leather, dashboard, and anything else that might be stuck in the light all day long. And we all remember the classic dingy little sun shades that wouldn’t last you through the summer and were a pain in the butt to fold up or stow away. That’s simply a no go in my book. So until now we haven’t really had any great options for keeping your truck’s cab cooler during the hot months of the year. That is until the engineers over at Husky Liners started laser measuring windshields to create custom fit SunShades. These babies are built to last and block the full broad spectrum of the sun’s visible light rays. Finally a windshield sun shade that fits your windshield and is easy to fold up but still built to last. Check out the Husky Liners SunShade now.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Husky Liners SunShades

        No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Husky Liners Sun Shades:

  • A Force Field against the Forces of Evil and UV Rays too
  • Designed to fit your windshield like a glove
  • Foam Core center insulator keeps your interior cool
  • UV Protection that reduces heat in your cab
  • Backed by Husky’s 1 year warranty
  • Easy to fold up and store away when not in use
  • Matches the contours of your vehicle’s windshield
  • Blocks UV Rays to prevent Sun Exposure on your Interior
  • Triple laminate construction, keeps your SunShade in good condition for years to come
  • A Sun Protection Factor that is cranked up to Eleven
  • Easy to use, install, and remove
  • Precision Fit to block out the maximum amount of sunlight

Husky Liners SunShades Windshield Shade

It’s 4:03 on a Friday Summer afternoon, and you just punched the time clock. You’ve got plans all weekend long, and you just can’t wait to get started. You’re gonna grille out, go swimming, maybe shoot a little skeet, whatever you want all weekend long.

And you’re thinking about how cool it’s gonna be poolside, when you open up the driver’s side door of your pickup only to be hit in the face by a blazing hot blast of air.

You roll down the windows, you crank the A/C, and you even try Kyle’s technique of cracking one window and rapidly opening and closing the door like some mad man albatross flapping psychopath. And all of this is done to no avail, because your in the dog days of summer, and the bitch be in heat, so to speak.

Alright, that one doesn’t really work, but you know what I mean. It’s f$^&*in’ hot out. And your truck’s cab is on fire.

To make matters worse, if you aren’t careful putting on your seatbelt your gonna burn your hand or your leg or your side if your shirts been riding up, like mine always do.

And those seatbelt buckles are damn hot and they hurt, man.

So you’re left driving fast down the road, with the windows down, trying to circulate some air while your A/C is doing overtime. And of course this whole situation is even worse for you if you’ve got a black paint job on your truck. Been there, my friend. Feel your pain.

And if you’re me, you suddenly realize that you shoulda done something about this, I don’t know, a week or two back, before the summer heat really took off in your neck of the woods. But you didn’t cause you weren’t thinking about it, and now you fear it’s too late.

But it’s not too late. You just need a superior windshield shade, stat!

But before you swing on over to Walley World and pickup some cheap Chinese knockoff, let me tell you about Husky Liners’ SunShades.

Those knock offs that cost less than a couple of cool beers down at the local watering hole, they aren’t built to last and they won’t fit the interior of your windshield either.

And that’s the worst. Honestly, I stopped even using sun guards because I could never get ones big enough or ones that would fit tight enough on my vehicle to keep it cool in the first place. They’d always fall out or only block some of the light, so that it didn’t even matter that I put the damn shade up in the morning in the first place.

If only there was a superior product that was custom made to fit my windshield. But it would need to be well made so I wasn’t replacing it every year, and it would need to be able to be stored away easily so I can carry it with me without it taking up too much space in the cab while I’m driving.

I’ve seen various solutions before from my friends and family, but it seems as though finding those combinations is almost impossible. Either you get a full cardboard style shield that only folds in half or you get the flimsy plastic stuff. You might find a really cool Star Wars themed windshield guard only to find out it is only made for tiny economy cars and only blocks out about a third of your windshield before falling to your floorboard as soon as you close the door.

Why doesn’t someone just make solid, custom fit sun shades already?

Well, some does. Husky Liners makes their Sun Shade to solve all of these issues.

The Husky Sun Shade is designed to fit the exact contours of your vehicle’s windshield. The nerdy (their terms, not mine) engineers over at Husky have laser measured hundreds and hundreds of vehicles’ interiors to make sure you get the exact fit you need.

And some of that is about fitment and making sure the shield stays in place during the day, blocking out the heat and the sun light.

But a lot of it is about maximum coverage too.

If you’ve ever had any of those cheaper shades, then you know that most of them only cover part of the windshield. This is why I lost faith in windshield sun guards in the first place. Since most of the cheap ones I have owned over the years don’t actually cover the whole windshield, they aren’t blocking out all the sun’s UV light rays.

This means that over time, my interior is still being heated up like an oven. Granted, it’s not set to broil on high right away. It’s more of a slow burn. But by the time 5 o’clock rolls around, it’s still hotter than the friers over at Jay’s Chicken Shack, if you’ve ever been Hillsborough, North Carolina on a sunny Summer Sunday mid-morning when the church crowd hits. And just as they say, “Nobody knows Chicken like Jay,” nobody knows super hot truck cabs like me.

And I had never found a product that would really help keep my truck cool. I’d pretty much given up on Sun Shades a product. They just never worked for me.

When I learned that Husky had a SunShade that was laser measured to fit your truck’s windshield, I thought, maybe.

So I ordered up a Husky Sun Shade. It arrived fast, so I didn’t have to wait all summer, sweating my balls off, so to speak. And it was in perfect condition. I was super impressed at how small this sun shield folded up, so I could store it behind my seat no problem or under the seat too.

The Sun Shield is durable, and it fit my windshield exactly. This baby stayed in place and reflected all the sun’s rays away from my interior.

I’ve seen sun damage before on dashboards and leather seats. But with this baby installed, I know my dash is going to be looking great for years to come. And Husky offers a 1 year warranty too, so you don’t have to worry about having to pickup a new SunShade every summer. This thing is built to last.

Finally, an American company has created a Sun Shield that will custom fit your vehicle, stay in place, be easy to use and store away, and last for years to come. This is the last and only Sun Shade I’m ever going to buy for my vehicles in the future. And I even ordered my wife one cause they are so affordable and offer such a perfect fit.

Protect your vehicle’s interior today and stop sweating your balls off. Get a Husky Sun Shade today.

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