DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

A Quick Review (Below the Fold)

Looking for a complete truck bed liner that won’t break the bank but will protect your cargo and your bed from scratches, dents, and dings? Want a truck bed liner that can be installed by you, yourself, with ease, at home in your own garage? Concerned about spray in liners due to overspray and staining and fading? Need a truck bed liner that allows water to flow out of your bed through built-in drain holes, preventing mildew and mold? Well, we over at Midwest Aftermarket have the solution for you: the patented DualLiner bed liner system! What are the features of DualLiner? How do DualLiner’s features stack up?

    The Bullet Point Breakdown on DualLiner

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the DualLiner, the Only Bed Liner that Works:

  • Custom Fit Side Walls and Tailgate Covers that Protect your Paint Job
  • “C” Channel Interlocking System that is Easy to Install Right at Home
  • Made Right Here in the US of A; Family Owned & Operated
  • So Easy to Install, even a Kid can do it
  • Patented ZeroSkid Bed Mat Keeps your Cargo Safe & in Place
  • DualLiner Directs Rain Water & Spilled Liquids through Existing Drain Holes
  • Waterproof and Designed to Protect your Truck Bed from All of Mother Nature’s Fury
  • Full Lifetime Warranty; Transferable if you Decide to Sell your Truck
  • Removable Truck Bed Liner that can be Reinstalled on another Vehicle
  • Versatile, Easy to Install, & Tough as Nails: DualLiner

Yeah, but what does all of that even mean? And do I even need a truck bed liner?

Let’s slow it down and explain below:

What is Dual Liner truck bed liner anyway?

DualLiner is the only system that offers comprehensive protection of your truck’s bed without requiring professional install. The DualLiner system of 5 interlocking pieces is custom fit for your truck bed and so easy to install that even a child could do it--and they have a video to prove it! The patented ZeroSkid bed floor mat keeps your cargo and equipment in place and protected from sliding and scuffing. DualLiner’s “C” channel allows for easy install that requires no drilling at all nor a professional dealer to install it. Furthermore, unlike messy and prone to fade spray-in liners, DualLiner won’t fade nor damage your paint job. DualLiners can even be removed and reinstalled in a new truck that is the same make and model--meaning buying a new truck doesn’t necessarily mean ordering a new liner. All DualLiner systems even come with a full lifetime warranty that can be transferred to another person if you sell your truck or system. And these warranties last forever and don’t have any exclusions on “commercial use” or new owners, like the other guys do. Did we mention all DualLiners are made right here in the US of A by a family owned and operated enterprise?! Protect your truck’s bed today with DualLiner!

Truck Bed Liners 101

Let’s start with all the reasons why you should really have a truck bed liner. And to get there, we might want to explain what a bed liner is even for.

What is a truck bed liner for?

Why do I need a truck bed liner?

Truck bed liners, like DualLiner, are protective coverings that prevent your truck bed’s paint job from being damaged and form an armored layer that absorbs impacts that could normally dent or ding your bed. Furthermore, good truck bed liners add in some friction to keep your gear and equipment from sliding around in your truck bed while the vehicle is in motion.

So installing a truck bed liner of one kind or another will help to keep your truck bed in pristine condition. Now I used to think that my truck bed was for making messes anyway, right? I mean, I didn’t get a truck just for show, man. I got a truck so I could do work.

And that’s true too, for me. But what if you could do all that messy and hard work but still keep your paint job from being damaged? In the long run, a truck bed liner will help keep value in your truck, and even increase resale value.

One of the first things potential buyers look for on a truck is any possible rust or dings and dents. I have seen a number of sales get negotiated down because of a scratch or many on your truck bed, for instance. I used to say, but that’s what a truck is for? But then I got to thinking about it. What it you could protect that truck bed but still use it? I mean, scratching up the floor of a truck bed doesn’t make any sense, right? And truck bed liners, like Dual Liner add in even more value and great features, like preventing your stuff from sliding around due to their ZeroSkid bed mat. Before I knew it, I had headed down the path of researching exactly what truck bed liners are all about.

And I started with the types that are out there.

What are the different types of truck bed liners?

How many types of bed liners are there?

In general, there are two or three different kinds of truck bed liners.

  • Spray-In Liners
  • Drop-In Liners
  • Interlocking Liners

While the names of the types tell us a lot, let’s explain what each is further.

What is a spray-in liner?

Why do they call it a spray-in liner?

A spray-in liner is a coating technology that must be applied by a professional installer. These protective coats are often made of polyurethane and other chemicals. They are designed to seal your truck bed against the elements. Many of these coatings are also textured to add friction and prevent cargo from sliding.

What are the pros and cons of spray-in liners?

Are there any downsides to spray-in liners? 


  • Conforms to your vehicle’s bed shape
  • Prevents Rust & Scratches


  • Must be Professionally Installed
  • Expensive
  • Overspray
  • Fading and Chipping Damage
  • Nearly Impossible to Remove
  • Can affect resale value negatively

While top of the line spray-in liners do a really great job of protecting your truck bed against scratches, minor dings, and rust, the good spray-ins tend to be very expensive and must be professionally installed. Overspray is a real problem too. If the installer makes a mistake or has some taping fail, you can end up with spray-in liner material in places you don’t want it to be. This can be a real pain to remove, and some installers might think this is not their problem.

While high end spray-in liners don’t fade in the sun, many competitor’s to these high end sprays actually do fade over time. This can leave you with a spray-in liner that looks bleached out.

Regardless of whether you are considering removing the spray-in because it has been damaged, bleached in the sun, or because a potential buyer just doesn’t like it, removing spray-in liners is almost impossible with specialized equipment and harsh chemicals.

Thus, spray-in liners, especially those that are a little on the cheaper side than those high end ones, can actually lower your resale value.

The biggest upside a high-end spray in liner has also is one of its downsides. Let me explain. Since spray-in liners are just protective coatings applied over your metal bed, they are a true custom fit liner. Spray-in coatings will conform to the exact shape and size of whatever you spray it onto. This is great if you want that true custom fit. Who wouldn’t? Except there’s one problem. Most spray-in liners don’t have a lot of give to them, and since they are applied directly onto the metal, if you hit a spray-in liner hard enough it could still transfer that impact damage directly into your metal truck bed underneath.

Even if you shelled out extra for the high end stuff, a high velocity impact will still cause some chipping and deformation of the coating. Spray-in liners are certainly way better than going without a liner though. But there are clearly a number of down sides.

So what about drop-in liners?

What is a drop-in truck bed liner?

Why do they call it a drop-in liner?

A full drop-in liner traditional is a custom fit truck bed liner that is made of one solid piece of composite or thermoplastic material. These one piece truck bed liners are made using a mold. They are then installed to your truck bed using tapes, glues, or by drilling holes and attaching them with bolts. Drop-in liners rarely include tailgate protection, though some have it for an extra fee as a separate piece of liner that must be installed by itself.

What are the pros and cons of drop-in truck bed liners?

Are there any downsides to drop-in liners?


They are custom fit--ish.

They protect your truck bed against scratches and dings.


Expensive to Ship

Difficult to Install Solo

Can Trap Moisture Underneath

Prone to Fading in Sun

Can vibrate and scratch paint job

One of the biggest downsides to drop-in liners is that while they aren’t as expensive as spray-ins, the added cost to ship such a large and heavy product often makes them much more expensive. Add in the possibility of warping or damage during shipping and you’re getting into some dangerous and annoying territory. 

The other big thing you likely noticed from the list is that all the pros are also cons. So drop-in liners are technically custom fit to your truck bed, meaning one drop-in liner will only fit one size and style of bed. However, drop-in’s sort of float over the top of your bed, like a floating floor. Now if you’ve ever installed a floating floor, you know that’s no big deal. You can walk on a floating floor and it will be solid and fine. A drop-in liner is the same way.

However, you floor in your house likely doesn’t move too much, ever, or regularly. But a flooring floor installed in your truck bed… now you’re starting to get it. Now that drop-in will be secured, typically with bolts, which may mean drilling into your truck bed--which could hurt your resale value. And those bolts will hold it in place, but they do a better job holding your liner still at the bolt, don’t they. The rest of the truck bed liner will move a little in transit, and it will especially vibrate some when you don’t have anything in your truck bed. This can actually cause the vibrations to scratch and scuff your paint job underneath.

I have seen a number of instances where a customer wanted to replace an old, faded or damaged drop-in liner, and when they went to remove it, they found all sorts of paint damage underneath. But that’s not the worst you can find.

Since drop-in liners don’t adhere to the metal of your truck’s bed like spray-in liners do for instance, this means they have a little give. They are able to take heavy impacts typically without damaging your truck bed. However, this also means there is often a pocket of air underneath. And if you live in a wet or humid climate, often times pockets of humid air get trapped underneath that liner, rising up through factory drain holes during the hot summer. Overtime, some of this moisture can condense and get trapped in certain areas, typically in the middle of the bed or near the bulkhead, and cause the metal truck bed to rust. Add in that paint damage, and you’ve got a great recipe for rust, actually.

So you can see how drop-in liners can actually end up doing the exact opposite of what they’re designed to do. They could end up silently damaging your truck bed underneath the liner. Imagine trying to protect your truck bed, only to find out that you’ve actually damaged it over time. Sigh.

Alright, so if spray-ins are super expensive and prone to fading and chipping, and drop-in liners can trap moisture, damage your paint job, and even have hidden rust damage underneath, what kinds of truck bed liners should I consider instead?

Until very recently, that was pretty much it. You didn’t really have any other options. It was spray-in or drop-in. That’s it.

But then DualLiner was invented. And the interlocking truck bed liner was born.

What is an interlocking truck bed liner?

Why do they call it an interlocking liner?

An interlocking truck bed liner is one comprised of several pieces that lock together to form a protective barrier covering your entire truck bed, including you tailgate. Interlocking liners are not spray-ins, though they are true custom fit liners. Interlocking liners are also not drop-in liners, though you can install them at home all by yourself.

So basically, already you can tell that an interlocking truck bed liner is kind of the best of both worlds. It has some of the pros of both the other types of liners, and really, none of the cons.

What are the pros and cons of interlocking truck bed liners?

Are there any downsides to interlocking liners?


True Custom Fit Liners

Protects your truck bed from dents and dings

Protects your paint job from scratches

Easy to Install

Least Expensive

Free to Ship (at least from Midwest Aftermarket)

No Drill Install

Immune to Color Fade and Peeling

DualLiner comes a number of different Camo options as well as standard black


They didn’t exist until recently?

It is really hard to come up with a con here. Since DualLiner is truly custom fit, it won’t trap moisture or scuff up your truck’s paint job. It is easy to install and easy to remove, so if you decide to sell your truck and the buyer doesn’t like the liner, you can just remove it. The mat is designed to be a shock absorber so it will handle most impact damage. The ZeroSkid material prevents your cargo from sliding around.

Finally, DualLiner’s “C” Channel install system is easy to use, requires no drilling, and the “C” Channels themselves double as water drainage channels. Talk about a win-win.

As if all this wasn’t enough, DualLiner is also made right here in the United States, by a family owned company, and it is backed by a full lifetime warranty, even if you use it for commercial applications. Even most higher end spray-in liners can’t offer that kind of warranty. And DualLiner is a fraction of the cost.

Needless to say, it is pretty obvious why we are so excited about this new product and to be sharing it with the aftermarket world. We think you’ll be just as impressed with DualLiner’s interlocking liner technology as we have been. But you won’t really know until you get your own. We ship DualLiner to your down step for free in a single box. So you won’t have to worry about half of it showing up one day and the other half next week. Nope. Nothing like that.

Get your DualLiner today, and provide your truck bed with the protection it deserves. Did I mention the camo! Check out that sweet camo!

When you’re ready to pick up your DualLiner, “the only Bedliner that Works!” we hope you’ll get yours from us here at Midwest Aftermarket. Our collection of bed liners, pickup truck bed storage solutions, bed covers, truck running boards, and much more includes all the leading styles and brands. Midwest Aftermarket is the #1 online retailer for aftermarket truck and Jeep accessories, selling products at the lowest prices and providing the best customer service in the industry. With the goal to provide the highest quality product with the fastest shipping at affordable prices, look no further for your vehicle’s aftermarket accessories. From UTV’s to Jeep-fanatics to F150’s or Chevy Silverado’s, Midwest Aftermarket will give you the customer support you deserve.