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Bushwacker Boss Pocket Style Fender Flares

A Boss Pocket Style Fender with a Matte Black Finish with the Option to be Painted to Match

Bushwacker is one of the top names in the fender flare industry. Heck, they invented the original fender flare and have innovated and developed many styles over the years. Here is yet another example of Buskwacker pushing the limit and creating yet another interesting style and take on the traditional Pocket Style Fender Flare. These are very similar to traditional Pocket Style flares, which are bolt on style. These bolt on style fender flares have Bolts or Rivets attached to the upper rim of the fender, giving the flare the appearance of being bolted onto your vehicle. Of course, these bolts are just decorative. These fender flares require no drilling to install, but rather use 3M automotive tape and / or existing factory holes to install. The bolts are just there for show. But where traditional pocket style flares have the bolts either on the surface of the flare or even slightly recessed into the fender flare, these new Boss Style Pocket Fender Flares from Bushwacker have a slightly embossed or raised area around the bolt. You might then think of this as almost a foil or inverse of the traditional pocket or bolt on style. Whereas most pocket style flares have the bolts slightly recessed into the flare, these Boss Style ones have the bolts slightly raised above the surface of the rest of the flare, creating a unique look that sets these flares apart from other bolt on style fenders on the market today. So if you like the rivet or bolt style fender flare, but want something a little more unique or innovative than the rest, then these just may be the Fender Flares for you.

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Bushwacker Boss Pocket Style 4PC Fender Flares 2015-2018 GMC Sierra 2500 3500 W/ Removed Mudflaps


With their surface-mounted stainless steel bolts and massive presence, Boss Pocket Style Fender Flares are a Bushwacker exclusive. Despite their ag...

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Bushwacker Boss Pocket Style 4 Piece Fender Flares 2007-2010 GMC Sierra 2500 3500 W/O Dually


With their surface-mounted stainless steel bolts and massive presence, Boss Pocket Style Fender Flares are a Bushwacker exclusive. Despite their ag...

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Bushwacker Pocket Style Boss Fender Flares

Buskwacker’s Pocket Style Boss Flares come with a matte black finish which can be painted to match after purchase. However, if you want these babies color matched, check out our other listing for the Painted version of these flares. Buskwacker can ship them out color matched to your vehicle, but it will cost a little bit more per flare, so if you like matte black or prefer to paint them yourself, then make sure to put in your vehicle information above and select the appropriate style from the drop down menu. Do note that the matte black flares are going to be the lowest in price, but the color matched ones will be painted to match your existing paint job by Bushwacker, so the added cost is well spent when you consider the professional color matched application. These fender flares are backed by Bushwacker’s limited lifetime warranty. They add up to 2 additional inches of tire tread coverage. These Bushwackers are made from heavy duty thermoplastic, and just like all of their products, they are made right here in the US, in Portland, Oregon. So you’re supporting an American company that employs American workers when you order a set of fender flares. These Boss flares come in 2 or 4 piece sets. We recommend you deck out your whole truck, but if you’d prefer just to do the front wheels, we won’t judge… too much. Just playin’. You do you. We are sure you’re going to enjoy your new aggressive bolt on Boss Pocket Fender Flares from Bushwacker. Let’s break down all the details of this sick looking and innovative new flare from Bushwacker.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the Bushwacker Pocket Style Boss Fender Flares

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Bushwacker Pocket Style Boss Fender Flares:

  • A Pocket Style Boss Fender Flare from Bushwacker
  • Bolt are elevated slightly from the main flare on a raised section
  • Instead of slightly recessed, these are attached on an embossed or raised notch
  • The Rugged Look of a Traditional Pocket Flare, with added Style and Unique Elements
  • Bushwacker knocks it out of the park again by innovating on their original design
  • Bolt are only decorative; flares are attached using adhesive or factory holes
  • No drilling is required for most applications to install this product
  • Finished in a sleek matte black or painted to match your truck (select from drop down menu above)
  • Constructed from heavy duty thermoplastic
  • Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and impacts too
  • Comes in 2 piece set for front wheels only, or 4 piece set for the whole kit and kaboodle
  • Made in the US
  • Manufactured by American Workers in Portland, Oregon
  • A great fender flare from the original fender flare company: Bushwacker
  • Made in the States by hard working Americans
  • Backed by Bushwacker’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Prevent tickets from having oversized or wide tires
  • Helps stop paint damage from rocks and debris kicked up by off-road style tires
  • Give your truck a unique look
  • Aggressive yet stylish bolt on boss pocket flares
  • A unique flare from the company that started it all
  • The next big thing in bolt on style fender flares
  • A new take on the old stand by pocket style flare
  • Built to last and stand up to harsh off road and environmental conditions
  • Bushwacker’s NEW Pocket Style Boss Fender Flares
  • An American Made Flare from the Original American Fender Flare Company

Bushwacker Pocket Style Boss Fender Flares

Fender Flares are some of the first aspects of your truck anyone is going to notice. After bumpers, the most often eye catching aftermarket piece is your flares. And when the original pocket style flare first hit the market, it made a huge impression. Back then, you had smooth street style and OE style fender flares, and that was about it. One was designed to match stock fenders but just add to their existing style. The other was a slightly different take on the OE, designed to make them stand out from the original.

And then Bushwacker changed the game again by creating the first Pocket Style or Bolt On Style flares ever. These new style fender flares had recessed bolts around the upper edge of the fender flare, giving it the impression that the flare was actually bolted onto the vehicle using these stainless steel bolts.

First people wanted to know immediately, am I going to have to drill into my existing fenders? Nope. For most applications these fender flares were attached using existing factory holes and / or automotive grade adhesive.

Next, everyone just wanted to know where they could get them. These bolt on style flares were hot! No one had ever seen anything like them before. They had that aggressive off road look, like you had seriously modified your fenders by attaching these flares to them. They just looked sick and rugged as hell.

Everyone wanted a set.

Part of the appeal, we believe was that these flares were just so unique and different from everything else that had been released up until that point. So they sold like hot cakes. And guess what happened?

They become rather more common. Now that’s not to diminish their style, cause the style was still superb. But as things become more normal, many of us in the aftermarket community began to long for another version, something new--something even more extreme.

And Bushwacker answered with their Cut Out style flares--an even more recessed and more extreme version of the Pocket Style that we believe is still only truly offered by Bushwacker today. And these started flying off the shelf too.

These Cut Out flares had bolts that looked even more like they were really attached to your existing fenders because of how far they were inserted into the fender flare itself. And people loved them.

But over time, these too became more common place. And those of us looking to stand out in the aftermarket community started looking for even more great fender flares.

And Bushwacker answered once more with these sweet new Boss Pocket Style Flares. Iterating on the original Pocket Style, these Boss Style flares feature the same great rivet or bolt style, only instead of the bolts being recessed into the flare, like they were on the original Pocket Style, and even more so on the Cut Out style, these bolts were attached to a small raised section of the flare out along the edge. This gave the new Boss Style flares a more modern and unique look.

The bolts still look like they are attached and like they are what’s holding the flares onto the fender. But now they look like they were designed to be drilled through this section of the fender flare exactly, just like many modern equipment is with a designed place to drill and put a screw or bolt.

Of course these bolts are still just for show. But the appeal is there just the same. These are new and improved. They are stylish and unique. They have that aggressive look but with a modern take on the old bolt on style. And those of us who loved the original Pocket style and even the more extreme Cut Out Style, are going to love the new Boss Pocket Style Fender Flares from Bushwacker.

Add on the fact that these flares are made by a great American company, manufactured here in the States by American workers, and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and you’ve got pretty much everything you would ever want in a fender flare.

If you love that matte black style or want to paint these babies yourself, then this is the part for you. Just make sure you select the matte black finish above. If you’d like to get these bad boys prepainted by Bushwacker, then make sure to select your paint color from the drop down menu above.

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