BakFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

America's #1 All Aluminum Hard Folding Tonneau

And the reasons aren't too hard to notice. The G2 earns its accolades and more in this review of the model that set the standard for folding truck bed covers.

Bullet Point Breakdown

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BAKFlip G2 Folding Tonneau Cover:

  • Sets the bar for Hard Folding Tonneau Covers
  • Aluminum panels with lightweight solid core
  • Finished with a Black Gloss Powder Coat
  • Low Profile for added Curb Appeal
  • Tri-Fold offers Full Truck Bed Access
  • Easy, No Drill Install using Clamp System
  • UV Resistant, Durable Design
  • Designed to handle the Elements
  • Superior Drainage Channels Water Away from your Gear and Off the Truck Bed Cover
  • Can handle up to 300 lbs of Evenly Distributed Weight (think a foot or more of snow)
  • Made right here in America, by American Workers
  • Covered by Bak’s extensive 3 Year Warranty
  • Made to work in tandem with the BAKBox 2 toolbox
  • Buckle System let’s you can drive with the tonneau closed, open, or even partially open

Setting a High Standard: the BAKFlip G2

The Hard Folding All Aluminum Tonneau is Hard to Beat

If you are going to talk BAKFlip, you have to start with the G2, the All Aluminum cover that sets a high bar in the industry. BAK has upgraded their signature line over the years, adding additional features that break the mold, surpassing previous iterations while maintaining the security and sophistication they've come to be known for. This tonneau shows why folding truck bed covers have become and maintained their status as the go-to style for many truck enthusiasts. Let's see why the G2 is America's #1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover.

Protecting Your Gear

The entire BAKFlip line is designed to fit flush, providing a sleek and low-profile silhouette that is more aerodynamic than your stock truck bed without a similar cover installed. This means adding a BAKFlip adds a bit to your fuel economy, so these covers will pay for themselves over time. Don’t believe us? Check out our study over on the blog.

Furthermore, the BAKFlip line is all weather resistant, protecting your truck bed and the gear you store in it from rain and shine alike. Drain channels run along the length of the bed rails, funneling liquids through drainage tubes and away from your valuables. Premium rounded weather seals made of EPDM line the edges of the panel system, forming a tight seal that prevents both rain water and any dirt / grime from getting into your truck bed.

With the cover closed and your tailgate locked, this tonneau provides superior security from prying eyes as well, keeping your expensive equipment hidden and sealed away. The latch system locks each panel in place. Without that tailgate down, you'd need a pry bar and some serious muscle to break into a BAKFlip cover. 

OE Look & Feel: the G2

BAKFlip G2 folding hard cover has a semi-gloss finish that many customers think ties in nicely with the OE elements of your pickup. Don't believe me? See the images above for yourself. The G2 just looks like it belongs as a part of your truck. This addition is stylish and elegant when you need it, driving through the city streets, while showing its ruggedness and durability when you take it off-road or into the mountains on a day trip.

100% Truck Bed Access

You'll find your BAKFlip G2 is easy to fold and unfold, so that in under a minute you can have access to the entire length of your truck bed. Unlike some tonneau covers, the BAKFlip's innovative design allows you to haul equipment the size of your truck bed without removing the cover.

Furthermore, it complies with Federal safety standards by not covering up your Center High Mount Safety Light (or 3rd brake light, as most of us know it). While this may not be a major feature you are looking for when shopping tonneau covers, it is one that may save you from getting a ticket on down the road. 

When completely folded up, the BAKFlip G2 has prop rods that hold it in place, and for further peace of mind, an all-new integrated buckle system that locks the panels in their position. This buckle system can also be used when you only want to partially fold up the cover in order to protect some items near your cab in the truck bed, while hauling something larger near the tail.

The BAKFlip line comes with two bumper pads that can be attached to your window using 3M tape. You'll want to install this padding so that it is located where the top of the panel will touch your window. Don't worry as the 3M adhesive will not damage your paint job or your glass.

One of the big considerations when purchasing a tonneau cover should be how you are going to use your truck bed. For those of us who are just making grocery runs or going fishing or golfing on the weekends, most tonneau covers work great for storing small items, packages, and tools or hobby equipment underneath them. But when it comes to larger items, we start to run into some issues.

The big concern then should be how easy it is to remove the cover or if you have to remove it for full bed access to haul something taller than the cover. You should also think about how often you are going to need to do so.

It might not be that big of a deal to remove a truck bed lid say once a year to help your buddy move. But if this is going to be a regular occurence, then you should probably not install a truck bed lid.

This has always been my big issue with truck camper shells, by the way. But I digress.

Point is, if you want to be able to help that random buddy move out of his apartment at the drop of a hat, then you’re not going to want a truck bed cover that prevents you from having full truck bed access.

Maybe you’re considering a retractable cover? They can be great for security, and they look pretty sweet. But at the end of the day, you’ll never have full bed access because that canister in the front takes up a couple feet of space.

If being able to use your whole truck bed is a must, often a folding tonneau or a roll up are the best options for you. When it comes to versatility, we often recommend these two in fact.

While a roll up cover does offer full bed access, if you want some hard that is more secure, you’ll likely want to steer clear of this one as well.

So we are left with folding covers when it comes to full bed access. And here’s where the G2 in particular shines. Not only can the BAKFlip G2 fold up completely, offering full bed access when you need it, but the G2 can also be held in place with their buckle system at any of the panel locations.

This might not be a super big deal every day you own the tonneau cover. But when it comes up, this feature will really save the day for you.

If you are hauling something that you need to protect from the elements near the bulkhead of your bed and need to also carry something too tall to fit under your tonneau cover, the G2 can handle it. You simply lock the panels in place with the provided buckles. Then you can leave the last one or two panels open or folded up, so something bigger than your tonneau allows will be able to ride at your tailgate.

I know this might sound rare, but consider the moving scenario again.

It’s going to happen. Happens to almost all truck owners. Sometime this year someone is going to ask you if you can help them move. They’ll have boxes and furniture and all that jazz. And sometimes you’ll be making a run with only one kind of item in your truck bed.

Let’s say you throw a bunch of boxes in, under the tonneau cover. You don’t have to worry about anything flying out or getting rained on, or any of that nonsense.

Great! This is exactly why you wanted a truck bed cover in the first place.

But the next run you need to take a full bed, with mattress and box springs and frame. Guess what? It won’t fit under the cover.

No worries. You fold it completely up. Again, the tri-fold For The Win!

But then on your final runs you have some boxes still but something bigger like say a dresser too. Or maybe it's just an end table, and guess what? It just barely won’t fit under your tonneau. You don’t really want ot expose the boxes, but you do not want to make an extra trip either.

With the G2 you have the flexibility of being able to carry both the boxes and the table at once, and still protect the boxes from the elements.

Hey, if you’ve ever had to move someone in the rain, then you know exactly how useful a tonneau cover can be. Nothing worse than soggy cardboard boxes when you’re climbing up two flights of stairs to move your college aged son into his first real apartment. Sigh.

Warranty and Weight Restrictions

Enough about the specs though. What happens if my tonneau gets damaged during this crazy adventure we call life?

The BAKFlip G2 specifically comes with a 3 year warranty, to protect your product in case disaster strikes. With a weight rating of 300 lbs. (when distributed evenly), it would need to be a sizable disaster indeed to damage this baby. Please note that neither BAK Industries nor Midwest Aftermarket recommends you ever attempt to stand on your tonneau cover.

But Wait, There's More!

No Drill Clamps Make for Easy Install

These Clamps mount the rail to your existing truck bed. They require no drilling and are very easy to install. The entire BAKFlip line uses these no-drill clamps.

Automatic Latching Panels

BAK's patented latch system locks your tonneau cover in place at the end of each panel. Lock your tailgate and close the last panel to secure your gear inside your truck bed. 

I-Beam Re-enforced Tailgate Flap Seal

The Tailgate Flap Seal has been improved with an I-Beam of aluminum underneath to reduce wear and tear if you should forget to close the tailgate first: fool-proof design.

#1 for All The Right Reasons

The BAKFlip G2 sets the bar high!

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