Armordillo AR Modular Rock Crawler Prerunner

Protecting your Bumper with All that Armordillo Goodness

Let’s assume you have a sweet truck. Let’s guess you’ve decked out your truck in all sorts of sweet aftermarket accessories. Let’s suggest that you have or are about to install a nice new grille or rugged bumper. Now you need something to protect your front end. A superior hunk of metal that won’t hide your grille and that blends in well with your bumper. You need a Bumper Guard, and Armordillo’s new AR Modular Rock Crawler Prerunner is up to the task.

Still TL;DR!? The Fast as a Bullet Version

Don’t like reading paragraphs. How about lists? Here’s the shake down on the Rock Crawler:

  • Military Grade Steel Construction
  • Top-Notch Manufacturing using Mandrel Bending
  • Powder Coated Finish looks Rugged and Protects against Rust
  • No Drill, Easy, DIY Install, using existing hardware
  • 3 Modular Configurations to Fit Your Need
  • Pre-drilled Holes make it Easy to Add on a Light Bar
  • Expert Support from Armordillo Staff for Life
  • Free Shipping directly to you, in one single box, ready for Install

And if that isn’t enough to get your mouth dropping, how about I breakdown some of the terminology and benefits of this Modular Prerunner Bumper Guard.

Why You Need a Prerunner Bumper Guard

Beyond the aesthetic pleasure the Rock Crawler gives me--it looks pretty nice, right? This aftermarket product is designed to perform a few functions. The first and foremost is protecting your front end. If you are still rocking a stock bumper, let me tell you now, those puppies are expensive to replace. If you have a fender bender or you live someplace that has a massive wildlife population, like us here in Deer Country, then you will likely experience the pain of having to shell out for a new bumper at some point in your lifetime. We have some solutions for that: namely, get an aftermarket bumper. The bumpers we carry are typically more durable and affordable than any stock bumper you’re going to find on a new truck or any OE replacement.

But even an aftermarket bumper is something you’re not going to want to replace regularly. I’ve got a buddy who hunts regularly, which makes it kinda ironic that in the last five years he’s hit six deer while driving a pickup truck. Truth be told, one of the times, he was borrowing my truck while his was in the shop. The bastard! Anyway, I know first hand how much it ran us to fix the cosmetic damage and replace that bumper. And this poor guy’s had to do it so often, that when I told him about prerunners he about fell over.

Here’s the low down about bumpers: most of them are hollow. So when you hit them with enough force, say the body of an 8 point buck while you’re traveling at 60 miles per hour or so, that bumper is gonna crack. Plain and simple. It’s physics, man. Doesn’t matter how tough or durable that bumper is, you hit something solid like that traveling at speed, damage will be done. 

A prerunner though made of heavy duty steel tubing is going to absorb and redistribute that force across its frame and the whole front end of the vehicle. Now that deer goes airborne on ya, you might still have some hood or windshield damage, but the prerunner is designed to push it down, protecting your bumper, grille, hood--really the entire front end of your truck. And since high quality prerunner bumper guards, like Armordillo’s Rock Crawler, are made from military grade steel, she’s likely to brush off more fender benders and wildlife encounters. As for the other guy involved in this hypothetical fender bender… we can’t guarantee they won’t find their vehicle smashed and likely totalled, but we aren’t tryin’ to protect his vehicle. We’re all about protectin’ yours.

Now that you know why a prerunner bumper guard is so essential, that it will save you money in the long run and protect your truck’s front end, let’s start looking at what specifically sets the AR Modular Rock Crawler ahead of the other prerunners on the market today.

AR Modular Rock Crawler Prerunner Review

Since I’ve been accused multiple times of being full of hot air, I’m gonna try to give you the simple version first. The Rock Crawler is well constructed using heavy duty steel and solid welding. She’s super easy to install, matches most matte black aftermarket and OE accessories, and is compatible with add ons like auxiliary lights and most winches. All this and more make this prerunner by Armordillo one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Tough Enough for Military Use

Military Grade isn’t a term we use lightly around here. For us this means a level of durability above and beyond the norm. While some companies use lower grade materials to save a few bucks, Armordillo has shucked out for the good stuff here.

The Modular Rock Crawler Prerunner is constructed from only the highest quality of steel available. And when you’re looking for a Bumper Guard that can take a hit and keep on truckin’, then you need that maximum level of durability. That’s the kind of quality that for us earns the label Military Grade.

The Legend behind the Mandrel Bend

Alright, legend is a strong word, but myth just didn’t quite capture what I’m trying to say. Mandrel Bending is the top of the line in steel manufacturing. A Mandrel Bend is one made using a rod and bending machine, which allows for the manipulation of steel tubing in such a way that the bend is completely smooth and undamaged.

Cheaper methods of bending exist and are often used to cut corners. However, these other techniques create crinkles and wrinkles in the steel, weakening the material itself down to its very core. And if you are manufacturing a product that is supposed to protect your vehicle from a head on collision, you should probably make sure your steel maintains its structural integrity. Mandrel bending does just that. This is the most professional and durable way to bend steel into specific shapes.

By utilizing heavy duty welding techniques, Armordillo links the center cross bar into the rest of the Mandrel Bent steel, finishing a product that is tough enough to take a serious impact and remain intact in one piece. Top-notch manufacturing techniques coupled with great materials as a starting point makes for a product that is hard to beat, indeed.

Finishing that looks Hot and Protects your Metal

Powder Coating. It looks great. It coats your steel in a second skin. It really is the best process known to man for preserving a metal object against the elements and really all kinds of damage. You can’t go wrong with powder coating. But what is it exactly?

Powder coating is a method of sealing metal that involves using thermoplastic polymers mixed with pigment which adds color. This process is completed by heating the plastic to extreme temperatures, in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The powder coat seals the metal, and the pigment gives it the color you desire, in this case a sweet matte black finish.

Since powder coating completely surrounds the steel in a layer of durable thermoplastic, there is no way for the elements to ever get in. No water or chemicals will ever touch the metal core, so you never need to worry about rust or oxidation or even discoloration.

Back in the day, we all thought stainless steel was about the best we could possible do in regards to protecting metal against the elements. Then we tried chrome plating, and that seemed about the pinnacle, until thermoplastics were invented. Now we can safely say that as long as the plastic layer is not removed or damaged, there is no way this coated metal will ever rust.

Furthermore, since this layer is made up of material that has a high level of plasticity, impact damage, like hitting an object at speed, is much less likely to break the seal, so to speak. You’d have to cut into it with a very sharp knife to try to damage this stuff. It gives a little when needed and maintains its shape when under pressure. Talk about advanced technological marvels.

Finally, since you can add in pigment, it is possible to have products like the Rock Crawler Prerunner that are finished in a matte black. This sheen matches most aftermarket products on the market today as well as many OE accents available on most trucks. Not to even mention the fact that it gives your vehicle a sick, unique look.

Install You can Easily Manage in Your Home Garage

If you’re like me, then you prefer to do-it-yourself whenever possible. That includes installing aftermarket parts on your truck. My garage is well equipped for every task from the simple oil change to cherry picking engines. But occasionally I run across aftermarket accessories that require special tools or welds that I’m either unable to get ahold of or not confident enough to do. This often discourages me from even making a purchase.

With Armordillo’s new AR Series Prerunner, the Rock Crawler, you don’t need any special tools though. Since the whole install utilizes existing holes and hardware, all you need is a place to park your truck and a couple socket wrenches. Never hurts to have a second pair of hands, so maybe you call up your buddy, order some pizza and pop some brewskis while you’re at it. I’m just saying.

Point is, this bumper guard installs in a few minutes right in the comfort of your own garage. You don’t have to drill into your truck’s frame to install it either. This is about as simple of an install as you’re gonna get. The hardest part might be deciding which configuration you want to use. Speaking of…

Modular Design offers 3 Configurations to Fit your Truck’s Needs

Talk about style points, the AR Rock Crawler can be installed in one of three customizations. It will be up to you to decide how to rock this bad boy. First, you’ve got the aesthetic concern. In other words, which configuration looks best on your truck. Next, you’ve gotta think about your other accessories. Do you have a sick aftermarket grille? How about a rugged bumper? You’ll want to install your Prerunner in such a way that your other parts are visible and accented. Feng shui it up, my man!

Let’s sum up your three options here, and give you pics too!

#1 The Full Monty: All Three Pieces

#2 A Half Nelson: Remove the Top Hoop

#3 Just the Tip: The Main Bar & Nothing Else

Looking to Light Up the Night?

Armordillo makes it super easy to add on an auxiliary light bar. They’ve pre-drilled installation holes during the manufacturing process. These holes in the cross beam are positioned in such a way that you need not drill or make any changes to the Prerunner to install a number of great aftermarket light bars, such as Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series or Rigid Industries’ SR Series. 

We love promoting aftermarket products, like the AR Rock Crawler, especially when they play nicely with other great truck accessories, like light bars, winches, bumpers, and grilles. Wow, say that three times fast. But seriously, throw a winch onto your bumper, attach this Prerunner, and you’re ready for some serious off-road action.

Armordillo’s Expert Support Included for Life

We always appreciate it when a company really stands behind its products. And Armordillo has always gone above and beyond for their customers. We are happy to be carrying their top quality aftermarket accessories.

When in doubt, should you ever have any issues with Armordillo’s product, you can just pick up the phone or shoot them an email. Their excellent customer service will take care of you no matter what. Of course, you can also give us a call here at Midwest Aftermarket. We’re pleased to help at any time, but sometimes you just need to talk to the manufacturer, and we get that. We are very impressed with their service and think you will be too.

Fast and Free Shipping, All in One Single Box!

Here at Midwest Aftermarket, we pride ourselves in our quick shipping that costs you, the customer, nothing. But sometimes larger products like bumpers and prerunners end up shipping in multiple boxes, which isn’t a big deal unless if one box shows up before the other one. Sigh. Nothing worse than opening a box and finding out that you’re still waiting on a whole nother shipment.

Well, with Armordillo’s Modular Rock Crawler Prerunner, you need not worry. This AR Series Bumper Guard ships out quick in a single box. When the box shows up at your door, you’ll be ready to pop her open and install that bad boy immediately. We can’t stress enough how easy Armordillo has made it to get you a great product, fast and in one box.

So what are you waiting for? You need a Prerunner to protect your Truck. You want one that will be tough enough to handle military grade situations. And it needs to look sick and get to you fast.

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