HP Tuners MPVI2 VCM Suite With Credits

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HP Tuners MPVI2

The Most Powerful and Complete Tuner To Date

Whether you’re a beginning in the programming of vehicles or a super advanced user, HP Tuners MPVI 2 gives you everything you need to start tuning your vehicles today and down the line as you grow more bold in your customization. This isn’t a super simple plug and play and hit a button type tuner. This baby can be used to flash custom tunes from just about any custom tuning garage out there as well as allow you to calibrate and customize just about anything you could possibly think of in your vehicle, from the transmission to your engine, timing, sparks, tire size, and so much more that you about need a day seminar to cover it all. If you want long, detailed explanations of just what all the MPVI 2 can do for you and your vehicle, please check out the sweet videos from HP Tuners and others under our Video tab. Just looking to tune a single vehicle? We recommend you start with 2 Credits when you purchase your MPVI2. Need to tune more? Best do some research first or be prepared to buy more credits later. All credits are universal for the MPVI 2, so no need to commit to any particular vehicle at the time of purchase.

Bullet Point Breakdown of the HP Tuners MPVI2

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” your fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the HP Tuners MPVI2:

  • A Multi Platform Vehicle Interface, Version 2, from HP Tuners
  • The ability to truly custom tune your vehicle in just about every way possible
  • Included VCM Editor software allows you to make adjustments, including tunes and calibrations, to the vehicle
  • Use the included VCM Scanner to see how those adjustments are affecting your vehicle
  • Calibrate tire size and axle gear ratios often without purchasing additional licenses or locking the MPV2 to one vehicle (as in Jeep applications)
  • Most single vehicle users will only need 2 Universal Credits to get started
  • You can always purchase more credits later
  • If you’re a shop, looking to turn many different types of vehicles, check out the additional tuneshop packages which include lifetime tune options and licenses for specific vehicle types
  • The MPVI 2 syncs up perfectly with HP Tuner’s TrackAddict app, available on your smartphone
  • Great for racers of all kinds
  • The perfect companion to HP Tuner’s Race Render 3 software for creating sweet race videos with data overlays
  • A must have for any racer, whether you hit the track every weekend or off-road once a month
  • The MPVI 2 does everything you’d want in a tuner and more
  • Whether you’re looking for the most advanced diagnostic tool on the market or the most complete tuning device we’ve ever seen, the MPVI 2 is the last device you’ll ever need.

Review of the HP Tuners MPVI 2

The MPVI2, which stands for Multi Platform Vehicle Interface, Version 2, is the complete package. I don’t know how to say it any clearer. Whether you’re a Jeep group looking to calibrate axle gear ratios and adjust for tire size for your Jeep and all your friends’ Jeeps too, or your the garage looking to get into custom tuning and diagnostics that go to the next level, or just a DIY tuner who wants to step up his or her game by making truly custom tunes to your ride, this plug and play device will handle it all and then some.

Simply plug it into your OBDII port, download the VCM Editor and the VCM Scanner software to your laptop, follow the simple instruction to sync up your MPVI 2, and you’re ready to start customizing your rig to the teeth.

To see the full list of tuning and calibration options, check out the included software tab, but we are not exaggerating in the least when we say that if it can be modified or adjusted, chances are incredibly good that this sweet little device from HP Tuners can do it.

Once you’re into the VCM Editor, you’ll have the option to view Basic or Advanced mode. This works exactly as you’d imagine, with Advanced showing everything this sick little tuner can do, and Basic working great for the first time custom tuner or diagnostic tool user.

To go down the rabbit hole of all this baby can do would require writing a novel. And if you’re overwhelmed by that, then start slow. Perhaps you want to play with some Torque Tables or adjust your Speed Limiter. Maybe you just want to change your Tire Size in your ECM/ECU so that your speedometer will be correct when you’re driving down the road. Or maybe you’ve swapped out your original engine for a full aftermarket rebuild from another vehicle and you need to do some serious modifications and tuning. All of these scenarios can be accomplished by picking up an HP Tuners MPVI 2 today.

And even then, we’ve only just scratched the surface here. Maybe you’re looking to tune on the fly, make adjustments in between drag runs at the local race track. Totally doable. Perhaps you want to see real time data on your phone while riding shotgun with your race driver. Yup, you can do that by downloading the TrackAddict app.

Sync up via Bluetooth for most models, Wifi (Hotspot) or USB for others, and you’ve got real time data logging on your smart phone.

Want to use all the data your HP Tuner is collecting to create the most impressive racing video your buddies have ever seen? Pick up HP Tuner’s Race Render 3 software, import data from Track Addict or the MPVI 2 directly, and you're ready to encode, baby!

When we say it does it all, we mean it. And for the racer, perhaps the most impressive live data involves predicting your final lap metrics and even showing you on a GPS map where you could improve your times next time you hit the track.

So again, whether you’re a long time custom tuner looking to step up your game or a first timer looking to learn the ropes, why not start with the most powerful programmer on the planet: an MPVI 2, from HP Tuners.

Quick Feature Breakdown for Included Software: VCM Editor

A quick bullet point run through of some of the most important features you can play around with in VCM Editor, where the tuning and calibration really happens:

  • The Most Advanced Custom Tuning Software Around
  • Virtual Volumetric Efficiency: A tool to help us consider what kinds of adjustments to make and change your tune file
  • Virtual Torque: A tool to help you think about torque adjustments and adjust your tune file
  • Gear/Tire Wizard: adjust tire size and axle gear ratios as well as transmission parameters
  • This corrects the speed sensor for you when you change tire size too and is great for Jeep modifications for crawling
  • Comes with Tire Size calculator: converts metric to diameter in inches!
  • Torque Inverse Calculator for Fords: Virtual Torque Calculator, creates Torque Tables for Fords
  • Neural Network Trainer, especially important for Dodge Vehicles
  • User Defined Parameters: add in your own table(s), import from Tuner Pro
  • Template Applicator: if you are tuning the same kinds of vehicles over and over, this allows you to create a template for it--great for tuning shops
  • Basic and Advanced View available
  • Advanced show you everything HP Tuners can do for you and your vehicle
  • Basic is a great place to get started, until you’re ready for Advanced Tuning Features
  • This simplifies your view for your needs, from beginner to professional
  • Compare two different tables to see the differences and modify accordingly
  • Segment Swap: perfect for when you change drive trains or engines swaps
  • Contact Support at HP Tuners if you need something else: they take it to heart and help out their customers
  • Flash Functionality: shows all the controllers that can be flashed (each may require a license which costs credits)
  • You can now remove a controller if you accidentally read one you don’t want to modify
  • Viewing Options: change orientation of tables
  • Help Tab: Get Support when you run into issues
  • Application Keys are listed here too for MPVI 1
  • Resync: when adding credits, changing device, etc.
  • VCM Suite Information: if plugged into vehicle with it in run position, you can see all kinds of vehicle information here, including info log.
  • Allows you to save that info log and send it to Support
  • Engine Tab: this is where you’ll find the Tune File
  • Adjust your Spark Map
  • Adjust Air to Fuel Ratio
  • Make adjustments to Engine Dynamics and adjust ranged parameters
  • On Automatic Transmission, you can turn off computer adjusted gear shifts
  • Modify pressure limits on fuel sensors
  • Hook your laptop up the the MPVI 2, and flash when you’re ready to go
  • System tab: adjust fans, alternator, and cooling temperature
  • Speedo tab: adjust final drive ratios and speed limiters
  • Favorites: save your favorite tune files and tables here
  • And much, much more!

Quick Feature Breakdown for Included Software: VCM Scanner

A short feature list of everything you can do with your new included software from HP Tuners, the VCM Scanner software:

  • Let’s you see the data coming in and shows it in a visually pleasing way
  • Shows you all the PID’s you could ever possibly want to see
  • Stop you from being blind to what’s really going on under the hood
  • Great diagnostic tool
  • Hidden performance: Improve performance by seeing where you could improve throttle, RPM, torque, etc.
  • Remote tuning becomes very valuable and much easier
  • Scan on the track or Dyno and send the scan to your pro tuner
  • Plug the MPVI 2 into the vehicle and into your laptop, then turn the vehicle to run
  • One of the best diagnostic tools around to date

Quick Feature Breakdown for Included Software: TrackAddict

Some of the best tracking software available for racing off and on road, from HP Tuners, and available in the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store now. Let’s run through some of the quick features with the newest version of the Track Addict app today:

  • Several different tracking modes, including:
  • Circuit (race track laps/track rats)
  • Segment (climbers and sprinters)
  • Drag Race (drag strip--obviously)
  • 4x4 Trails (for going off-road)
  • Raw Data (for the tech guys and gals)
  • Pull GPS data for multiple tracks around the world
  • Create and add new ones on your own
  • Tons of tracks available
  • A lap timer, stop watch, and speed all pulled from GPS data
  • Uses your phones accelerometer too to calculate G’s for instance
  • Pairs up nicely with your OBDII reader, like the HP Tuner MPVI 2, to bring in additional data
  • Connects to MPVI 2 with Bluetooth, Wifi, or hard wire, depending on your vehicle
  • Saves all the data for you to review after the race
  • Shows high and low speeds throughout the track for instance!
  • Ties into HP Tuner’s other excellent app: RaceRender

Quick Feature Breakdown for Additional Optional Software: Race Render 3 (not included; additional purchase required)

Finally, if you’re looking to do some sweet videos with your data from your HP Tuner MPVI 2 overlaid on top of the video, then you’re going to want to check out Race Render 3 from HP Tuners as well. Let’s run through some of the sweet features of this software as well:

  • Allows you to sync data tracking from your HP Tuner MPVI 2 to video you record while racing
  • Can be used alongside TrackAddict app
  • Comes with many overlay templates, but you can also make your own
  • Link up with GPS data from newer GoPros or use other GPS trackers
  • Present your race to your fans and the public using sweet data collection from HP Tuners
  • Great for YouTube and Twitch!
  • Create sweet race videos with HP Tuners, MPVI 2, Race Render 3, and Track Addict!

Setting Up your New HP Tuners MPVI2

How To Use HP Tuners!!! Editor and Scanner Basics!!! 

(This shows the MPVI 1 Pro, but it is still a useful intro)

HP Tuners LIVE TRAINING - Intro to VCM Editor

HP Tuners LIVE TRAINING - Intro to VCM Scanner

TrackAddict v4.0 by HP Tuners

Track Addict (App Review)

And he’s not wrong: get a Cup Phone or Day Star Hands Free Phone mount before you try out this sweet app from HP Tuners on the road or track!

How to Overlay Data On Your Track Videos - Race Render 3 (PC / Mac application from HP Tuners)

This sweet software is compatible with HP Tuners MPVI 2, so we thought we’d include a little how to video on this one too, just for funsies.

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