Armordillo 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 - Extended Cab AR Drop Step - Matte Black

SKU ARM-7180031


Armordillo® AR Drop Steps are designed to take your user experience to a new level. Engineered within strict tolerances to match your vehicle’s exact specifications, these side steps mount close to your rocker panels to ensure the most accurate fit and a rugged look that catches the eye and turns heads, while their drop steps provide wide areas to plant your feet for safe and convenient access to the cab. Protected from harmful UV rays and rust with a high-grade corrosion- and wear-resistant finish, these side steps will serve you year in, year out. Arm your off-road beast with Armordillo®, an industry-leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line truck accessories and parts. Years of ingenious engineering and passion for the world’s toughest truck has been poured out into providing hardcore off-road products designed to turn your beefy companion into the embodiment of sleekness, edginess, and aggression. The brand offers bull bars, step bars, fender flares, truck bed rails, trailer hitches and some of its unique products – Pre-Runner bumper guards, AR drop steps, lockers, and bull bars. You can count on Armordillo to bring you impeccably strong and durable parts combining brutal appeal with high-end elegance. The brand’s bull bars, grilles, fender flares and side step bars are a sure way to instantly give your off-road warrior a more sharp, mean look along with unmatched comfort and protection against the rage of the trails. So, if you are looking to improve your vehicle’s stance and fortify its defenses to own the dust with confidence, Armordillo is the answer to all your needs.